Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Good Times and Resentment!

We went out for a play date this morning. We had a blast. Anna played hard for an hour on the playground with Brooks before heading back to their house. They ran and sang and climbed and picked up acorns and ran a bunch more lol. We went back to their house and had lunch and played a little more. Lori and I talked about church stuff, life and all that girly stuff we tend to talk about. It was a nice change of pace for both me and Anna. I was feeling all relaxed and happy when we got home. That is when the resentment hit me. I walked in the door to find red stuff all over my floor. I couldn't even determine what it was until I was right on it. Apparently my dog decided he was going to eat our fish food. So now even after vacuuming my carpet is still tinted red. I will have to get the carpet cleaner out after Anna wakes up and I have to tell you I resent the crap out of that.

I love my dog to pieces but I am so tired of never having a clean house. If he isn't finding a way to get into trash, he finds any type of food left on counter like bread or fruit or oatmeal or whatever I have left out. Now that I am onto his game he has switched to going for fish food. Oh and I forgot the time I left my purse down with m&m's in a ziplock bag and he got into that! I am just so frustrated and ready to beat the dog! If anyone wants a 13 year old boxer that sleeps a lot and likes to eat like a goat call me!!! He is free in fact at this point I might even pay you to take him lol.

Thanks for letting me vent!!!

* Disclaimer: Thank you Mamacheryl for reminding me that he will also water your plants , furniture and carpet to help them grow! Oh whats that, you say furniture and carpet don't grow well you won't know until you give it a shot, right! My phone is waiting ~ call now!!!

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  1. You didn't mention the bladder problems. Or is that a buyer beware issue? Lol.


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