Monday, January 07, 2008

Back to the Farm Plus Ramblings

This morning I decided I would take Anna back to the Bamboo Farm so that we could enjoy the great outdoors and I could walk in a peaceful place. We were there for almost an hour and walked for about 90% of the time. Not always at a quick clip but we did pretty good. We got to see a grey heron that was beautiful. We spooked him out of his tree. Then we got to see some other type of bird floating in the water but I couldn't tell what kind he was. We scared him off too. Guess we were on the noisy side lol. Anna's favorite part was watching a tractor in motion. They were taking out a dead tree and it was fascinating let me tell you.

A few updates for my regular readers:

Anna has not wet the bed in over a week now. We get up every night around 1 or 2 am and she goes potty and we go right back to sleep. It really seems to be working for us. Last night we didn't get up until 3 and I think she would have been ok without getting up at all but better safe than sorry.

I am trying to start a group of ladies at church that would like to lose weight. We are going to possibly do the First Place plan. One of the other ladies is going to help with the start up and then I have for some reason volunteered to be the teacher or leader or whatever you want to call it. I am hoping if I take on that position it will give me even more motivation to set a good example and work harder.

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  1. I've had great success with First Place! It is a good program! Good luck!


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