Friday, January 11, 2008

Lighten Up Friday!

I have decided that Friday will be my day to focus on weight! I have had a so so week. I have managed to walk or at least be extra active with Anna most days. We really only missed one day so I guess it wasn't to bad. I managed to cook mostly healthy foods although we did do spaghetti last night. The starches are so my weakness. I did buy a new kind they have out that has 3x the fiber and as much calcium as an 8 oz cup of milk so I guess it wasn't so bad. I had a few cookies the other day too. *hanging my head in shame* On the bright side though I have cut back my portions and I am trying to make sure to drink more water. I am trying to make a conscious effort to buy healthier foods, which isn't always easy as they are usually more expensive. I am also trying to make sure that when I play with Anna I use as much energy as I can running around with her.

Having said all of that even with my set backs I have managed to lose 2.5 lbs and my pants are fitting a little nicer. I am hoping that next week I will be stronger and do even better.
Tonight I am going to the Olive Garden. I will try not to be to bad while there. I will have to do a little extra exercise today or something!

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