Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Timy Talk Tuesday

I wish I had been writing stuff down. The stuff that comes out of Anna's mouth is not stuff I would ever dream up. Here are a few things that have just stuck with me.

* Last night we were flipping through the channels on tv and I said "TV stinks!" Next thing I know she is up smelling the tv lol. She turned to me and said "Which TV, Mom?"

* One Wednesday night on the way to church we saw the prettiest rainbow. We were talking about what it means etc. and she said "Mom, do you think rainbows get wet or do they stay dry?" She stumped me! Anyone know the answer to that one?

* Anna is all about swimming these days. We typically go to our community pool that has a specific opening and closing time. This past weekend we went to my aunt's house. They have a pool at there house. Saturday night we had a party and everyone got out of the pool for a while during the party. She looked out there at dusk and said "Hey Mama, is the pool closing now?" She was totally excited when she found out that it wasn't, that it NEVER closed!!!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Video

This is the video I created for church! Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!!!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dancing with Anna!

Being a Mom is so confusing sometimes. It is like a confusing dance (I have never been a good dancer!) that is ever changing! They are growing and changing and we are growing and changing as parents as well. This means that things will be different from one day to the next.

Anna and I have been feeling growing pains lately. That struggle for power. The I am a big girl and I want to do it myself. I try to give where I can and stand firm where I need too. On the flip side of that sometimes I seem to push her to hard. But then I wonder if it is to hard or if it is necessary. See a confusing dance! Y'all tell me I am not alone on the dance floor! Tell me that we will survive and make it to the next step!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Prayer and Angels

Last Wednesday night our preacher talked about prayer. How there is a right spirit that you need to pray with to have God really hear you. I mean we could pray all day long for a Jaguar and well that is not going to be at the top of God's priority list ya know. It reminded me of the time that Chris and I spent at Ridgecrest. Our transportation was Chris's OLD truck. It was a great truck but well it was old. One day we left Ridgecrest to go to Ashville to eat or something and we had a problem. I can't remember if we prayed together but I know I was praying. Praying that 1) we could make it somewhere 2) we could find someone that could help us! We barely got out of Ridgecrest and we coasted up to a couple of old guys hanging out selling veggies and fruits. They checked out the truck and told us just what we needed and then went to get it for us. They said they were out there ALL the time but Chris and I never saw them before or after! They were a Godsend. An answer to our prayers! They didn't even let us pay them for the part and we were pretty broke so that was another Godsend. Our very own angels!!!

Prayers are answered every day. Yes, no or not now those are the answers that we get. We don't always have such a wonderful story to tell. They may be answered by a friend calling when we need someone or a positive pregnancy test that you have been waiting so anxiously for or by a new job that you needed or wanted desperately. Whatever it is you can be sure that God had His hand in it. Sometimes I like to do things with/for Anna and make her think that she has done it all by herself I like to think God is the same way. He decides when we are ready for something and then He will make it happen and often times we forget to thank Him because we think we did it ourselves!

Thank you God for always being in charge of my world! Thank you for all of the blessings you bestow on me! Thank you for loving me enough to forgive me of ALL my sins and helping me repair my life!