Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I knew that I was out of shape. I knew that I was starting at the beginning but come on lol. I was freecycled a step and a cd. I got on it for the first time and I tell you I was winded after about 8 minutes. I kept going for a little longer until I got lost on the steps lol. Boy do I need help! I think while Anna naps today I will just do some walking on my step to make up for the louzy workout this morning. I keep telling myself that at least I am doing it. At least I am trying. At least I am doing more than I was before. Everybody has to start somewhere, right!

I am eating better this week than I did last week. Saturday I bombed but I will just have to make up for that this week. All I can do is keep going and not give up. I knew that this would be a challenge and I wouldn't be able to change on a dime. I will do this slow and steady because we all know that is the way to win the race!

We can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us!

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  1. The step totally kicked my butt, too. My first two times doing my step video, I didn't even use the step. I just stepped forward and backward again. It was a good way to warm up to the heavy duty workout. When I started getting so winded I was dizzy during the step workout, I stopped and just marched for a while... still kept my heart rate up, but I was able to catch my breath. I know it's hard honey. You're doing a good job!


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