Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tough Choices!!! Again!

Well our boxer is 13 years old now. He has brought much joy into our lives over the past 9 of those. We adopted him when he was 4. I will never forget the moment I fell in love with him. It wasn't when I met him. It wasn't even when we brought him home. He was going to be hubby's dog and I wasn't going to have anything to do with him. At the time we didn't have a fenced in back yard so he was on a runner and would get tangled around trees ALL the time. One day I was home alone and he was tangled and barking up a storm. After listening to him for a while I got my courage up (I was simply terrified of big dogs) I went out to untangle him. The minute he was untangled he bounded toward me and put his front paws on my chest. The moment he did that, with the full 80 lbs of weight behind him, my butt hit the ground. The moment my butt hit the ground that big ole messy tongue was all over my face. I fell in love in that instant. We have been a pair ever since. Of course, he has always been closer to my hubby but always has room for me. Well, I say that but since Anna has been around I do believe he loves her the best!

Anywho, for 9 years we have had a witty, sassy, Houdini dog that has brought smiles to many faces. Now that beautiful dog is wasting away! He has trouble getting up and walking. He is having bladder issues and we think he has some type of worms. My poor boy is not doing so well. We have decided that it is time to possible send him to doggie heaven! Boy this is even hard to type. At least you can't have tear smudges on the computer lol. Anywho, we have an appointment to see the vet on Saturday. They will do an exam and determine if that is what we should do and if it is they will do it. I feel so guilty and so horrible for even thinking about doing this. Watching him struggle daily and yes cleaning up behind him daily is just more than I can take. I have been praying for some time now that he would just go in his sleep one night but apparently that isn't going to happen. Please if you have a spare moment say a little prayer for us all over here because this is going to be a very rough weekend!

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  1. Oh sweetie. I feel for you. I sometimes wonder if my cat would have been better off being put to sleep than having to live at the shelter. At least once a day, I still have the urge to drive over there and rescue her and bring her back home. -- I'll be praying for you. A couple of choices about the "moment." You could be there with him, holding him as he passes, or you could try to detach yourself from the situation and try to remove yourself emotionally from the act. -- Love you dear.


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