Sunday, January 13, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend

My weekend started with a lot of housework and a migraine! Sounds fun, huh? Not so much! My in-laws were coming and my MIL is a neat freak and well lets just say I AM NOT! So I ran around making sure the floor was mopped and everything was clean and tidy. By the time my in-laws got here I had a whopper of a headache! We were supposed to go to Olive Garden for dinner but by the time we got there it was a 40 minute wait. So we went across the way to Logan's instead. My headache went down hill quickly with the noise and the lights it turned into the worst migraine I have ever experienced. It was so bad I was about to get sick on my stomach. I came home and slept from 8 until almost 8 the next morning and felt like a new woman.

Saturday ~ we were pretty lazy and didn't get our day going until 11 at which time we went shopping for Anna a dress because she really doesn't have anything to wear to church. Let me just tell ya'll that finding a cute or, God forbid, a pretty dress for church is next to impossible at least in Anna's size. That is 2T or 3T just in case you are curious lol. The babies had some cute ones and the older girls had a few cute ones but not toddlers! We had a late lunch and then later Chris and I went on a date of sorts getting together with people that have graduated from his program. I was worried it would be a total bore but it really wasn't. We sat with one of his best friends in the class Christi and her hubby. They were very comical talking about rolling high schools and the things kids today take for granite like windows in a car that go up with a button and not the handle.

Then for the BEST part. (I wish I knew how to show sarcasm on a blog lol!) Anna didn't want to go to bed in our room last night. Aunt Casey was staying in her room and she was fine with that the night before but Saturday night she started screaming. "No Mommy my room my room. Please Mommy my room!!!" It took forever for me to get her settled in our room and then she woke up at 12:30 doing the same thing! Well, maybe not as bad but bad enough to be so late. We came and sat in the living room in the rocking chair and I thought I had her asleep. Just when I went to get up and lay her down she wakes up and starts whimpering "my room now Mommy" So we settled back down for another little while and I finally managed to get her back in our bed around 2:30. By 3:30 I was going out of my mind and I landed back on the couch by myself, leaving Anna in bed with my hubby. Around 6 he brought her back to me. I felt like I hadn't had any sleep whatsoever. I played hooky from church and got me a nap! It was the BEST nap EVER!!!

Today has been pretty lazy. After my in-laws left Anna took almost a 3 hour nap and I basked in the peace with a book. Not that we don't love having the in-laws here because we DO! But boy the peace after our crazy weekend was like balm on a 3rd degree burn or something!


  1. Naps are awesome. So are child-free hours. :) How's my partner in weight loss doing today?

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  3. Hello, Thanks for stopping at my blog..

    I have been with my company since April of 2007, and I have done pretty good since this is my first ever business expirence..
    I love the candles and my house always smells good even on those days when I don't feel like cleaning..wink...

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