Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008

I can't believe another year has passed. Time is just going by oh so fast anymore. I rang in the new year the way I have for many years. I slept it in lol. I just can't seem to stay up that late. I have always struggled with staying up late.

When I was little I thought it was totally unfair that my brother (older than me by 3 years) got to stay up later than me. I rebelled and my mother told me I could stay up but I had to watch the clock. (a little grandfathers clock on our mantel). The first night I stayed up and watched that clock go around and around for about an hour. Talk about hard headed! The second night I think it was about 15 minutes and the third night it was about a minute. To this day if I see a clock and it says later than 9 I get oh so sleepy lol.

So I slept in the new year and woke up enough to wish my hubby a happy new year at 12:30. It works for me the New Years Eve shows aren't as good as they were when I was little. Of course Someone new was doing it this year so I don't know how it was.

I haven't really made any new years resolutions other than to try to keep a neater house. I am going to continue working on getting rid of clutter! I also intend to lose more weight but that isn't a resolution just a part of my life lol. I have managed to get into a pair of jeans I haven't been able to get into forever! I am so excited about that!!!

Off Topic: We had some minor set backs in the potty training world. We had more accidents over the past week than we have had since the first week of training. I guess it was all of the excitement etc. We still wet the bed at night sometimes we are at 3 nights without wetting. Of course that is probably due to me taking her to potty when she is still asleep around 1 or 2 whenever I wake up to go lol. I will just continue to do that in hopes that soon she will know that is what needs to be done.

Well Happy New Year Y'ALL!!! May it be full of wonder and excitement, love and friendship, health and a little money too!!!

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  1. Wooo-hooo to the new year. I smiled at the description of you watching the clock when you would try to stay up. That's so funny. I'm not doing resolutions either. If the change isn't something that I'm motivated enough to make on my own without the added calendar pressure, I'm not going to stick with it anyway. I have some goals for the year, but those are mostly craft projects I have planned. Oh. And at some point I'm going to join the YMCA.


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