Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thank you!!!

Thank you guys for helping me know that I am not alone in my Mommy Woes! I am feeling better. I actually started feeling better after I typed it all out. Some how just writing things down helps to put them in perspective. That and the love of a good man and a wonderful daughter is definitely the best medicine a girl could ever ask for that is for sure.
We are having a party on Friday. A celebration just because. Anna wanted to have a party. She LOVES parties. So we are having Yia Yia and Pop and Aunt Casey over (they were coming for the weekend anyway) and we are having a dinner party. We will have spinach dip as an appetizer and Chicken Tettrizin (sp?) as our main course and cookies and a special surprise dessert if I can get it all done. We have some balloons and streamers and special plates. I am excited! It is also a thank you to them for all they have done for us. They have been there for us through so much and I want them to know we appreciate it all.

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  1. I think you had asked me before if I was greek bc my niece calls my step mom "Yia Yia", too. I'm not. My sister just came up with that one. I think one of her friends is Greek and has the Yia Yia thing going with her daughter. My step mom is more of a yia yia than a grandmother--she's young still and loads of fun so it was just more fitting for her personality.

    anyway... glad to hear you are feeling better. i completley agree that writing stuff down often helps. it just gets it out. good for you!

    enjoy your party tonight!


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