Saturday, January 05, 2008

Order in our lives

I was studying my Sunday School lesson last night and it is all about orderliness. I had never really thought of this as a lesson to be learned by God but it was right in front of me the whole time. As the lesson says it started with God creating the earth. He didn't just snap His fingers and have everything as He wished. He took six days to do it all. Doing it in a specific order. This lesson really talked to me because I am not as orderly as I should be. I tend to lose things because of my lack of order. I will come in and take my keys to the bathroom or put my purse in the kitchen lol. If I did things in a specific order every time I came in I would always know where things were.

So I am going to teach the kids about orderliness tomorrow and I will try to learn this lesson myself. I will attempt to show the kids that you can apply a lesson to your life! That the Bible isn't just a book that we read but a book that is a guideline for us so that we know the best way to live our lives. God only wants the best for us and He gives us the answers if we just open our eyes and ears but mostly our hearts!

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