Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Well I finally got smart lol. I kept a notebook in the kitchen to write down some of the cute things Anna is saying so that I could actually remember. I will give you guys some of the cutest.

1) Anna wanted Daddy to play and Daddy wanted to look at a video online.

Anna: Come on Daddy

Daddy: I wanted to look at your video

Anna: Mines gone Daddy come on

2) Mommy and Daddy were making her bed (after washing the sheets) and afterwards as she is looking on. She puts her hands on her hips and says: Much Better!

3) Sitting at dinner one night Anna looks up ever so innocently at her Daddy and said "Daddy you want a tail?" ~ Holding up her ponytail.

Her favorite phrases of the week

I'm done with this.

I'll be back. lol

Her favorite song: Yankee Doodle

Her version goes like this: Yankee doo doo comes town

on his pony ~ macaroni

Yankee doo doo ~ yankee doo doo

girls are handy

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  1. Love the song! My son says chickens say ca ca doo doo!

  2. Girls certainly are handy :)


Y'all come back now ya here!