Friday, January 30, 2009

News Flash

I have lost 8 EIGHT pounds since I started my weight loss journey on January 9th. Eight pounds!!! I am so excited.

I have been trying not to eat so much and exercise more. Anna really makes that much easier than ever before. She is all about moving her body lol. She wants to exercise ALL the time. I am afraid she gets that from her father. I have never been addicted to working out. To be honest I don't know if I ever will. I do however think I could get addicted to feeling the after effects of working out. You know the soreness of your muscles letting you know that you are working them. My stomach muscles hurt for 2 days after doing an ab workout. They don't hurt today and I miss it lol. I have joined a free weight loss website! It is awesome. They have trackers for food and for exercise. They have videos for you to work out to. I have joined the boot camp forum and am doing those videos. They are short which makes it easier to say ok it is JUST 10 minutes! Even though most of the time those 10 minutes kick my butt! I haven't really done any real exercising since before Anna. I mean sure chasing after Anna and playing with her is some exercise but to work each individual muscle and work to tone and shape things. Umm well no hasn't happened in a LONG while! It feels good to start taking care of ME.

What are you doing to take care of you?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

She Totally Gets it from ME!

This is typically something I would do over at my daughters site but I thought you guys had a right to know a little bit about me lol. Anna has been dying to paint for oh I don't know a week or maybe a month. I decided that since it was so very nasty out this morning we would do that today. So she worked out with me this morning and then we got right to the important stuff!

We have an art kit that I break out for just such an occasion. It has a few different kinds of paint. The kind you use with a brush and then finger paints. So we got these items out and spread paper on the floor in the kitchen and got busy! I hate to admit it but I had trouble with the paint you were supposed to use the brush. I tried wetting the brush and then rubbing it over the paint. That barely worked. I tried using my finger lol I know kinda defeating the purpose of the brush. Then finally I tried to wet the paint and then dip the brush into it and voila that worked!

The finger painting well you know that is a no-brainer! My kind of painting lol. I have always thought that I didn't have any artistic ability. Guess what y'all I can use kids paints and create a little turtle. Of course it is kinda like looking up at the clouds and trying to pick out a shape lol. Check this out!!!

Tell me you can totally see my turtle, right? Ha ha I know so anyway I looked over at what Anna was doing and look at what I see!

You can totally see her dolphin, right! Isn't that cool! Now mine is questionable at best so you know my title is totally bogus. She really gets any artistic ability from my hubby! While we were both all yucked up with paints I decided to do something that we could look back on and marvel at:

I think we will do this yearly and we can see how much her hand grows. How close it gets to being big like mine.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My vibrant and very intelligent 3.5 year old has started stuttering lately. It is pretty much the first word of a sentence. Mainly when she begins the sentence with you or we. I was getting a little concerned about this especially when my father in law pointed it out.

I was talking to a friend of mine about it and she said the same thing happened with her nephew. The parents checked with a teacher of Psychology and were told it is a phase they sometimes go through. Of course, being the computer guru that I am I had to check it out. I found numerous websites pointing out that this happened to their children and that is completely normal. I had no idea that this could possibly happen. They say if your child does this to not interrupt them and to listen carefully to them. The phase should last no longer than a few months.

I can't tell y'all how relieved I was to read that. I was feeling like I was doing something terribly wrong. For her to go from speaking perfectly clear to stuttering I thought something traumatic had to have occurred. No, that isn't the case it is another phase; another sign that she is growing and learning. Apparently her mind is working so fast that is hard for her mouth to keep up with it sometimes. Now my husband and I just have to remember to not try to rush her or make her take her time. Just let her go with the flow and work it out for herself.
Did your little one go through this phase? If so how long did it last?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Menu Monday

It has taken me all morning to work this menu. Both Food Lion and Kroger have good sales today so I think I will go to both. I know such a pain huh but hey we do what we can to save a few bucks! Here is what I am looking at for this week.

Monday - lasagna

Tuesday - chicken and rice casserole

Wednesday - leftovers

Thursday - nachos w/chicken

Friday - Chicken Tetrazzini (see recipe below)

Saturday - hot dogs and fries

Sunday - left overs or sandwiches

According to my estimations I am $4 over budget. I wanted to try and get the frozen chicken packets. They are buy one get one free so I can get 2 for $13.00. We can eat off of those for several weeks saving me money down the road. However, I can't go over budget so we will see if I can work it out. I think I have a few numbers off and I might be able to cut a few things. I will let you know how it goes when I get back which will be a few hours at this rate. I can't seem to get my daughter motivated to get dressed. She has decided "I will just sit in the car!" Apparently she wants to stay in her pajamas lol.
for more menu ideas go HERE

Chicken Tetrazzini
10 oz. dry spaghetti -- (10 to 12)
3 cups grated cheese - Jack or Cheddar
3 Tbsp. margarine
1 1/2 cups finely chopped onion
1 can cream of mushroom soup -- (10 3/4 oz)
1 can cream of chicken soup -- (10 3/4 oz)
1 (10 3/4 oz) soup can milk
3 cups cooked diced chicken
salt & pepper

Cook spaghetti as directed until al dente; drain. Sauté onions in margarine. Mix onions and remaining ingredients with spaghetti in a large bowl. Put mixture in containers and freeze. To prepare for serving, thaw tetrazzini and put in a baking dish. Bake uncovered in a preheated 350* oven until bubbly, about 30-40 minutes.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I gor rid of the fur!

My hair had gotten so long and heavy that it felt like I had a fur coat forever around my neck. I had it all chopped off and I am so excited!!! I love the way it turned out!! I think the lady called it the Victoria Beckham cut. You know one of the Spice Girls. Anywho here it is tell me what you think!



I feel like I look 5 years younger lol. Of course don't look at my red face in the after pictures. I had just taken a hot shower and dryed my hair. I was HOT!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Future!

These two ladies are in for the biggest surprise of all. They now what they are having but that is just part of it. What will they look like? Will Shanda's baby have black hair or blond like his sister? Will Lori's baby have red hair like her Daddy's before he shaved it or brown or black hair like her brothers? What will they act like? Will one have a wild child and one have a calm one. Will Lori's be a little spit fire to keep up with her brothers and Shanda's be a little monkey like his sister? So many surprises packed in each belly! Will they grow up to find love in all the right places!?! Will they know that their Mommy's loved them even before they were born? Will they have dreams of being astronauts or doctors or teachers? Maybe they will even fall in love with each other and be a Princess with her Prince Charming! So many surprises! So much to discover!

for more Surprises go HERE!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Breastfeeding Works for Me!

There are so many people in my virtual and real life that are pregnant. I thought I would run through a little bit of why I breastfed and what worked for me.

When I was pregnant I was certain that I would not breastfeed. I thought you want me to put what, where, to do what and for how long!?! I thought it was kinda gross and unnatural. My husband encouraged me to do it. He asked me to nurse her for just 6 weeks. I researched and found all of the benefits to it and decided I could do it for just 6 weeks. In the hospital Anna was so itty bitty that they wanted me to supplement. I had a hard time nursing the first time because I didn't have a clue as to what to do. I got so very frustrated! By this time the lactation lady was gone and the nurse I asked didn't have a clue. That night was a horrible night. I kept trying and I couldn't work it out. Which meant I had to supplement more. I hated it! The next morning as soon as the lactation consultant was on duty I had her come to my room. She showed me how to hold Anna and how to get her to latch on. It was a relief just knowing what to do. After that it got much easier but every time I had to supplement I hated it! Finally I decided to stop supplementing and see what happened. Guess what happened my milk came in and she got plenty from me. We nursed for almost 2 years. I loved every minute and I still miss it!

Tips I Wish I Had Known

  1. Talk to the lactation person at the hospital as soon as you can after delivery. They say breastfeeding comes naturally but for a lot of moms it really doesn't.

  2. Start putting Lansinoh on your nipp1es about 2 weeks before delivery. This will help prevent cracking when you first start nursing.

  3. When you take your shower don't use soap on your nipp1es. That will simply dry them out which causes cracking or splitting.

  4. Know that nursing is not always easy. Sometimes it is very HARD!

  5. Don't be afraid to try the different positions. When Anna was first born she was so little we had to do the football hold (her feet down by my side and holding her head in my hand to get her there) as she got bigger that one didn't work so good so we had to go to the cradle hold (holding her across your stomach).

  6. Pumping is even harder than nursing (or at least it was for me.) I never could figure it all out. Definitely talk to someone if you are going to need to pump!

  7. RELAX!!! If you aren't relaxed you won't have a let down which will lead to a crying baby. I had this problem a few times and as soon as I could make myself relax it was all better.

  8. Resign yourself to sleeping in a bra for a while. Otherwise you will have milk everywhere!

  9. Be sure to get a nursing bra. Typically you will need a size larger than you have while you are pregnant. However, don't run out and buy 3 bras in that size buy 1 just in case, you might need one larger or smaller.

  10. You don't need special pajamas or clothes really. You can get a night gown with buttons or if you wear pajamas you can either get one with a top with buttons or just pull it up and over.

  11. You should not get blisters. If you are getting blisters the latch is wrong. See someone for help.

  12. Buy stock in nursing pads. Don't forget to take them with you to the hospital. The minute your milk comes in you will start leaking.

  13. Enjoy each and every moment of this special bonding. It doesn't matter if you do it for 6 weeks or 2 years it is an incredible bonding experience.

  14. If or when you get engorged get a hot shower. It will do you wonders! If you are engorged enough you can even watch the milk shoot out.

  15. You can use cabbage leaves to help engorgement as well but be careful because it will effect your supply if you use them to long.

  16. To help boost your supply you can eat almonds and drink tons of water. There are also some things you can find at the health food stores to help like Fenugreek.

  17. When they start getting teeth you will probably need to adjust the latch.

  18. Never be afraid to ask for help. If you don't want to talk to someone you know or don't know anyone to ask go to

Reasons to breastfeed

  1. You always have milk! No carting stuff around with you.

  2. You don't have to make bottles in the middle of the night or any other time.

  3. You don't have to wash bottles!

  4. It is the healthiest food for your baby.

  5. It does create an amazing bond.

  6. My husband's favorite: It is FREE!!!

  7. Maybe this one is my husband's favorite: You get a nice pair of girls!

  8. You can soothe your baby at the drop of a hat or a lift of a shirt. ;)

  9. It is great when they are sick. It keeps them hydrated much better than anything else.

  10. They tend to have fewer ear infections and colds, generally speaking. I know there are tons of bottle babies that don't have many either but as a whole this is true.

The Down side

  1. You are the only one that can do it.

  2. You might not be comfortable doing it in public at first. I use to sit in the car to do it or if I was shopping go to a dressing room. Anna was to nosey so she would constantly pop off and I didn't want to show my goods to the world.

  3. You have to sleep in a bra lol.

I am not telling you to breastfeed or you are a horrible mother. I think it is a personal preference. It was much easier to me than bottles. I tell people all the time I took the lazy way out lol. I did occasionally supplement even after we brought her home but typically she would do that projectile spit up thing so I stopped doing that. Nursing worked for us and I hope to have the chance to do it again.

Incidentally, if you don't want to nurse you can use cabbage leaves in your bra to help dry yourself up.

What works for you? If you want more great tips go HERE!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Memory Lane Friday

When I was in high school I loved football season. No I don't know a thing about it. Well, I do know an incomplete pass, a fumble and a touchdown but other than that I am totally clueless. I still loved football season! I loved the excitement of the game. We had an awesome football team! They were really good. The fans were constantly on their feet and the band was always playing fun music. I usually sat near the band so I could stomp and clap and sing. I would also spend a lot of time walking around chatting with friends and don't forget checking out the "tight ends". Oops did I say that?

I loved football so much that I had a short stint at flag girl. I really wasn't very good though. I was NOT coordinated at all! I quit after a short while. My senior year I went out for mascot. We had Spike a lovable Bulldog. I got to do a pep rally before tryouts and I was GOOD! My job was to "play" an electric guitar while running around dancing. Just so you know I CANNOT dance! Something happened though, I got in the bulldog suit and I knew no one but a handful of people knew it was me and I rocked the house! My then boyfriend (now hubby) didn't even know it was me at first. This was in my yearbook. I don't have a scanner so this is a picture of a picture that is why the quality isn't so great!

I didn't make it as the regular Spike. I was runner up. Apparently, Spike needed to be fit and be able to do things like push ups ha ha. I was asked to fill in for one game. It was an away game and it happened to be a game that we made like 50 some odd points. Now there is no way I could do push ups. After our first touch down the crowd was cheering me to do my thing, I thought well I will just do jumping jacks. I can do that even with this big ole suit on. Little did I know the team would go nuts getting touchdown after touchdown. Every time I would do jumping jacks in the bulldog suit the hat would bounce up. I was sure that it was going to pop off at any moment. Miraculously, it didn't but I don't know how. By the end of the night I was so sweaty and utterly exhausted. I was thanking my lucky stars that I wasn't the regular Spike lol.

This is my senior picture. Just wanted to show you how cute I was!

This was me and my best friend.

This was before I went out and rocked the house!

What about you? What stands out to you when you think High School Football?

If you want to join in and share your memories or just read others go to Girls in White Dresses!
I am also going to use this as my thematic photography post. These pictures are 17 years old! *shudder*

Weight Friday!

So this week I haven't done exceptionally well. It has been so cold most of our playdates have been inside. I haven't done very much exercising. However, I have lost 1.5 pounds. I guess maybe I have done something right. I tried to do a fairly healthy menu and I haven't had much junk. I did make some sweet tea but I make myself have a cup of water before I can have the tea. Next week I will try to do better but I think it is going to be cold again. I will just have to make my menu healthy and stay away from the sweet tea!

What about you? Have you had any successes or failures? Do you have any tips?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Thirteen!

13 stories you should read!

  1. A heart breaking story about a sick little girl. Through a doctors eyes!
  2. Mommy Wars. They continue even when your children get older!
  3. A New Sheriff in Town. Isn't he a doll!
  4. Growing and changing. Our kids as well as ourselves.
  5. Got Sleep? This is an old one but still very good. Perfect for those of us still not getting a full nights sleep!
  6. Pioneer Woman. Probably every one is reading her but if not here is her story on how she met her hubby and fell madly in love. Her whole blog is worth checking out though!
  7. Start your day by eating a frog! I think I will have to try this lol.
  8. This is a fabulous story about a key. It is great really go read it!
  9. Veiled! A story of a family at Disney living in Texas but from Saudi Arabia.
  10. A story about letting children learn some things on their own.
  11. Carpet colors should be named after the kinds of dirt they will best hide.
  12. Taking one "good" picture a day for one entire year.
  13. Has your husband ever done this?
So what happened to Thursday Thirteen?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Works for me Wednesday!

I have never been very good at making my bed. I am hoping to make it something that my daughter does without thinking. We started this morning letting her make her own bed. She did such a good job. Hopefully we can make this a habit she can carry with her through the years. This works for me. What works for you? For more great ideas go to Rocks in My Dryer!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tackle it Tuesday

Today we decided to rearrange the living room. I am trying to find a way to keep my living room from cluttering up. I don't even know if that is possible but I think I like the way this looks. At least for now!

Tiny Talk Tuesday

I haven't done this in a while so I thought I would join back in! I just love waiting to see what will come out of Anna's mouth on any given day. She is 3 for those of you that aren't regulars and she is very entertaining.

Mommy: To bad it isn't snowing instead of raining!
Anna: It's not cold enough Mama!


Anna: Mama, I have a boo boo on my thumb. I need a bam bam. (band aid)


Mommy: Come on Anna lets put these pajamas on.
Anna: No I want to wear my princess ones.
Mommy: Don't you know Anna all Cheerleaders are Princess's!
Anna: Pondering this, "oh ok, I will wear these."


Anna: I want to watch Sleeping B00ty!

For more cute Tiny Talk go HERE!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Monday - Beef Roast with potato and onion casserole
Tuesday - Chili
Wednesday - leftovers
Thursday - Baby Shower for Shanda. We will probably have sandwiches or something before we go.
Friday - Birthday Party for Denise. Going to a Mexican Restaurant!
Saturday - Potato Soup
Sunday - Veggie Soup
Can you tell it is finally cool here? & I got a new crock pot!!! I am excited about breaking it in! Do you have any favorite crock pot recipes?
For more great menu ideas go HERE!

Where did my baby go?

We walked into the building and there was complete chaos. Anna doesn't do well with chaos. It makes her nervous. She was nervous anyway because we were out of our element. Anna didn't hide behind me and she didn't cling to me. She stood in front of me watching all of the other children playing and talking. She watched them go to different play stations and do different things. I talked with the Director while she stood there in awe. Her one request before we went in was to see babies. The Director was more than happy to take us back. Anna looked at all of the babies and didn't say a lot. We finished up and left. As we walk out the door Anna complains. "Mommy, I want to go back! I want to see the babies again." My only thoughts were you are MY baby you are to young to go to school. And yet that is exactly what we were there for. We were there to see what kind of program they had and see what we needed to do to enroll her.

I can't believe my baby is going to go to school come August or September whenever they start. I kept thinking back to the day Anna was born. When she was still inside me. The truth is she is growing up. A fact she likes to share almost daily. She is not that same baby that would nurse for hours at a time or that would look around so very alert from the very beginning. She is not the toddler that depended on me to help her walk or eat or translate for her. She is a beautiful little girl that is getting ready for school. She is her own person with her own little personality.

Relationships with your baby are ever changing. So many different phases. Forever changing and growing personalities. It all creates a relationship that is never the same. Every day it is different. Anna keeps me on my toes every single day and I love it. I loved being her Mommy when she was a baby, even though I was exhausted. I loved being her Mommy when she was a toddler, even though she was not sure if she depended on me or herself. I love being her Mommy now, even though she isn't my baby anymore.

So do any of you have a good way to deal with the preschool blues?

Friday, January 09, 2009

Let's get Physical!

Today I joined a group of ladies doing a 12 week fitness program. Humble Musings by Amy has created it and although I am a week behind I am going to give it a go! I hired a new fitness trainer and we got started today. She is the cutest, sweetest thing but boy does she crack that whip! We were walking along and all of a sudden I hear a horn honking. She had the nerve to honk her horn at me cause I wasn't going fast enough. She even had me running a little bit and well that NEVER happens! She wouldn't take any slack off of me. Although she did let me rest and even seemed to understand that I didn't really want to run when cars were coming by. She would always slow down for me at that point.

Doesn't she look like she gets great pleasure from torturing me! I figure if I keep going with her 5 - 6 days a week I should be able to loose at least a pound a week!
PS: I got my camera in the mail today! Yay!!!


Girls in White Dresses is doing a new weekly meme. It is a weekly trip down memory lane. I love going down memory lane with the few memories that I do have so I thought I would join in.

I will start with one of the funny stories that my family likes to joke about. I was pretty young, I don't know how old I was really but somewhere around 6. I spent the night at my Grandma's house. I had/have this strange relationship with my step grandfather. I loved to antagonize him. I would stick my tongue out at him and then when he did it back I would tell my Grandma. She knew the game so she would fuss at him and baby me te he he. Well, this night I didn't want to sleep alone. I guess I was scared or something. I peeked around the corner of their bedroom where they were watching tv. Papa George saw me and asked me what was going on. I said "nuthin." He said "Do you want to sleep in here?". I of course said "yes". and then I told him he could have my room lol. I kicked him out of his own bed wasn't I nice. He was nice enough to go to the other bedroom for the night.

I am going to add to this with one of the stories about my brother. He was spending the night at this same Grandma's house. She told him to go get in the tub. She probably said "Go get in the bath and then get your pajamas on." So Robbie proceeded to walk around the tub leaving dirty footprints all around it. Never turning on the water! He went and changed and came back all dirty still lol. Grandma realized then that she had to be very specific with my brother lol!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sucked in!

A few of the young ladies at my church were gushing several weeks ago about a book series out. After listening for weeks about how wonderful, romantic and intriguing these books were I decided that my life could not go on unless I read them. Do you know what series I am talking about? If something else pops in your mind, do share I might need to read it too lol. Anyway back to the books! It is the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer.

It is four books that are so entertaining and yes intriguing that I ended up reading all 4 books in a matter of a few weeks. In fact, I am embarrassed to say that I am rereading them lol. I can't even help myself. Stephenie Meyer must be one of the greatest writers ever. I found myself sitting on the edge of the seat anxious to see what was going to happen next. It is a story that involves vampires and love and tons of excitement. It was actually written for teenagers, I believe, which is probably why it is such a smooth easy read. I won't tell you all about it but I would encourage you to run out and buy all 4 of them. I had to wait 3 or 4 days in between the last 2 and I thought I was going to burst not knowing what happened.
Edite to add: Apparently this was Stephenie Meyer's frst published book. First completed book, can I say WOW! Stephenie you ROCK!

Honey, if you read this the movie would make a great Valentine's Day present. I believe it is coming out Feb. 14th.

By the way: This was not paid for by anyone. I just wanted to share with y'all a set of books that I love!

PS: Stephenie Meyer if you read this I had to borrow the books I would love my own copy!!! Oh and one for a giveaway would be great too! ;)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

Happy Belated Birthday Grandma!
She turned 91 Jan. 3rd.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Me? A Role Model?

My head is jumbled up with thoughts. Thoughts of the future and the present. I was laying in the bed with Anna for her nap and I was thinking. Thinking that one day many, MANY years from now that Anna may lay down with her little boy or girl and watch the leaves dancing in the wind. That everything we do will carry over into her adult life. Someone told me we all have role models. Some are good and some not so good. I so desperately want to be a good role model for Anna. Sometimes it scares me and I feel uncertain and afraid. Who am I to try to mold this wonderful little girl into anything? Then today I had a little insight (with help). We are what we think! If we have thoughts of doubt and fear, feelings of unworthiness etc. that is what we are going to put out there. If we have thoughts of love, hope, joy and happiness that is what we are going to put out there. For to long I have been putting out the wrong stuff. I have let feelings eat me alive and control my world. I have been working on me for a while but I think I have been treading water more than anything. Maybe this will be the year that I break free and become the woman God intended me to be.

What kind of model are you going to be? Anyone out there want to join me in offering words of encouragement every now and again? You know the buddy system lol.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

I am lost!

I left my camera in my mother-in-laws car and I feel lost. What am I going to do without it. I am sure I will see them in 2 or 3 weeks but come on we all know that is a long time to go without a camera with an adorable little girl in the house. What am I going to do?

Since I can't share pictures I will tell you some of the funny things she is saying these days.

  • Let's not talk about that/it. (From something she is in trouble for or how to do something; If she isn't interested tht is what she says.)
  • You are not sposed to do that! (She loves informing people when they do something silly, that they are not supposed to do that but it sounds so cute when she says it.)
  • She told her Pop "Don't getfor I need a biscuit tomorrow!" I love the way she says forget. It is totally backwards and adorable.
  • "What?" with her hand tossed in the air to emphasis it.
  • Her favorite question is still "Where are we going now?)
  • She propped her pillows up and started snoring. She peeked up and said "I like casey". (Sorry Casey it was too cute not to share.)

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Changes from last year

Anna went from a size 2T in pants to a size 4T. They are a little long but the 3T are to short.

Anna's vocabulary is pretty much clear all the time now. Last year I understood her pretty much all the time but others only understood her about 50% of the time.

She will actually sit and watch a little tv where as of the beginning of last year that wouldn't happen.

Anna can ride a bicycle. She learned how to ride a tricycle during last summer. Now has progressed to a big girl bike!

She can climb her tree and swing from a branch and drop to the ground. She has always enjoyed climbing it and she loves being able to do more with it. Although it is pretty scary for me lol.

She enjoys tumbling on the floor.

She enjoys jumping from the stool to the chair. Pulling it apart to see how far she can jump. I do have a limit for her on that one!

She enjoys getting together with her best friends Allie and Brooks.

We have play dates with Allie at least once a week usually twice a week. Brooks is a little harder to see but we try to see him at least once every two weeks. And of course we see them both at church.

She learned how to swim under the water and the basics of swimming on top.

About me:

I have read the entire Twilight series. I got sucked into that world and couldn't get out lol. I would highly recommend them to anyone. They are such an easy read and keep you wanting to turn the page.

I have started decluttering my house. It is a long process but I have made some progress.

I lost about 15 pounds this past year and I think I managed to keep it off. Maybe I can go for 20 this year.

I am going to start riding bikes with Anna to help with that.

OK so Anna was way more exciting than me lol.

Happy New Year y'all!!! May it be exciting for ALL of us!

Good Bye 2008!

2008 is over. I have to say I am not disappointed to see it go. Odd years seem to be better for me for whatever reason lol. Here is a review of my 2008 in pictures!
January - At the park!
February - Climbing the tree (Still one of her favorite things to do)

March - Dying Easter eggs

April - Working at the car wash!
May - Our trip to the zoo with friends!

June - Fun at the beach!

July - Swimming Lessons

August - 3rd Birthday photo shoot!

September - Kicking her hills up!

October - Pumpkin fun with Daddy!

November - Playing so hard she crashed! (That NEVER happens)

December - fun at the park with friends!