Thursday, January 24, 2008

Biology 101

I didn't realize for some moronic reason what a great place the flower bed would be for a science lesson. Yesterday afternoon as promised we went out to finish weeding the bed. While we were out there we ran across a worm. It scared me cause I am one of those girlie girls that does like creepy crawly things or bugs in general lol. So when it came out with some weeds I gasped and scared Anna. Being the great Mom that I am I bring Anna back over to see the worm and I even touched it and tried to get her to touch it. It was a great moment of science for my daughter even though I was about to jump out of my skin lol. I taught her about how the worms live in dirt and are even a sign of good healthy dirt. They make sure that the plants grow and thrive just by crawling through it and eating it. It brought back memories of 9th grade Biology when we had to dissect the worm. Do you remember doing that? If you went to far down you would see nothing but dirt! OOOOO GROSS!!!

So then after 15 minutes of studying the worm we went on and started pulling more weeds. Being careful not to touch the worm or disturb any more. A few minutes into our work I pulled on a paticularly large bunch of weeds and when my hand was coming back towards me full of weeds a frog jumped out of them. Thank God I have a good bladder cause that might have caused me to wet myself! Remember I don't like creepy crawly things. I managed to not scare Anna. I kept my gasp in even though I really wanted to let it out. Then we had a lesson on frogs. I don't really know that much about frogs so this lesson wasn't going to be so long. We covered that frogs like to eat bugs so they are always welcome in our yard. We discussed the sound they make and how they hop. She is really good at making a frog sound, she does it in her throat and sounds so cute. Maybe I will get a video of it for you guys soon. Anywho, this little froggie had a hurt arm and we discussed that. She almost cried when I told her it was hurt. I pointed out that he was ok that we learn to live with things over time. She seemed to take that in stride and then she wanted to make him hop lol.

We were pretty much done weeding at this point because she wouldn't let me get to close to the frog which was the only place left to weed. Luckily there is just one little part that needs to be completed. The bed looks SO good. I have even impressed myself with how good it looks. I don't think we will be getting out there again until next week because it is getting cold. That is ok though because by then I can go back and get some of the ones that pop out during the weekend. Did I mention that the weeds LOVE this flower bed.

I think I will use the rest of my Home Depot card when spring comes to put some pretty colorful flowers out there this year. I need some prettiness in my life. I know what you are thinking I have Anna how could I need more prettiness. Well the truth is that Anna is beautiful and wonderful and she deserves to see prettiness all around her and so do I!

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  1. I wonder how Ben is going to react to the squirmy, slimy things of nature when we garden this summer. Being a boy, he might think it's the neatest, coolest thing since Dora cookies.


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