Monday, January 21, 2008


There appears to be some confusion in our house today. As you know Anna is potty trained (Praise God) but today she wanted to pee pee like Daddy. She got confused when I told her we didn't have the right parts to do it that way. She kept telling me she wanted to pee pee like Daddy. She demonstrated what she wanted to do and was crushed when I told her she would pee pee all over herself if she tried to do that! She finally gave up but she was NOT happy about it at all!


  1. Oh sweet. My big sister did that, too. She wanted to pee standing up like her two big brothers. It resulted in a change of clothes, of course.

  2. My little girl tried this too. She wanted to pee like the boys in the house.
    We had to have a huge talk about boys parts and girls parts and why god made us that way.

  3. Too funny! And what a good Mom you are, grabbing the camera and snapping some shots while you explain it to her. LOL

  4. Oh this is so funny...and here I am a girl who has to teach her son to go potty...LOL...

    Your Friend,


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