Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sunday Musings!

Well, we took our dog to the vet and they told us there was no medical reason to put him down. So the bottom line is that we have to watch him continue to deteriorate and continue having bladder issues until he is at a point were he can't get around at all and is doing even more pitiful than he is now. I really don't like watching him go through this it just breaks my heart that he hurts so much.

On a lighter note, we had a great day today. I taught a stellar lesson in Sunday School this morning. I had the kids answering questions and laughing and really interested in the word of God. That was really cool. Then this afternoon I had nursery with Chris and we had fun. We only had 3 kids so Anna and 2 others that we know very well. They danced and sang and read several books. It was fun watching the kids play together and communicate with each other. It is amazing how great they get along. We are all going on a play date probably on Wednesday.

We also met some of our friends at the Bamboo farm for just a short while. It was such a beautiful day today that the fresh air and sunshine just lifted my spirits! I ran and played with Anna for a while getting a little exercise. I missed my walk today not a very good record since I just started yesterday. I will walk in the morning and play with Anna some more too. I have to say playing with her seems to be more of a workout than walking most days lol.

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