Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Anna is full of words any more. She is more like a parrot than anything.

I was on the phone earlier today and she was repeating every word I had said.

The other night we were eating dinner and we had the radio on one of the soft rock channels. The Bee Gees came on and her Daddy said " Oh I listened to them when I was little and liked them a lot. Do you like them, Anna?" She cocked her head to listen for a moment and looked at her Daddy and said "NO!" As if that were the craziest question in the world!

Her favorite questions are: What are you doing? and where are you going?

Her favorite sentence: We go outside now! We go watch George my room! We use an umbeLLA.

Today we went to check on my neighbors dog. Her name is Harley and Anna gave her a treat out of her own hand. So this afternoon she said: We go give Lolly a treat!?!

She is a bossy little thing telling her Daddy: Go put your coffee down and play! or I need a break!

Oh and my daughter is obsessed with pooting! She is always saying somebody pooted. This is probably going to get embarrassing one day lol.

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  1. Welcome back! Hope you all had a great Christmas.

    She is getting big so fast - how fun! Sounds like she'd like to be "the boss" :)


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