Thursday, May 29, 2008

Is it just me?

or does my little girl have the prettiest eyes ever? OK so maybe I am biased but I don't know. I just think they are beautiful!


It is funny how our little ones go through phases. You have the "shoulder slug" stage when they are new borns. All they do is rest on your shoulder, between eating and pooping that is. Then you have the "I want to learn everything I can" stage. This is when they are learning to sit up and crawl etc. Then you have the "I do it myself" stage. Of course this is the stage in life when they realize that most of the stuff that you have been doing for them can be done BY them. This is a very long stage or it was/is for me. Every stage has something wonderful about it and they all have something not so great about it. We are in a new phase now, we are reverting back to the shoulder slug, ok so not really lol. We are going to the "Mommy, hold me" phase. She wants to be attached to my hip at any given moment. Paticularly when I need to get something done lol. I am not sure exactly how this stage came about. Part of me likes it because I miss that baby part so much some days. Part of me hates it because I have gotten very comfortable with the fact that I can have 2 hands to do stuff even if they are diverted on occassion. I know that this phase will be short lived so I am just going to try to enjoy every moment of it, like I have with all of the others.

Tell me, what phase are you going through with your little one? What phase will I have coming up in the near future? If you don't have a little one yet which one do you think you will enjoy the most? or which one do you think you will like the least?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday!

I found this a year ago on someone else's Works for Me Wednesday. I loved it so much I thought I would share it again. If you had this idea first ~ Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

When packing for a trip with a girl that has to have matching socks and hair bows or whatever here is a simple solution to make sure you don't forget any of it. If you buy the big gallon zip lock bags you can place complete outfits in the bag for everyday of your trip. By complete I mean the tops, pants, socks, hair stuff and if you have a diva girl bracelets or whatever lol. I even went as far as packing pants and two different tops for some days a long sleeve and short sleeve just depending on the weather. Don't forget to pack a few extras for those accidents that can some times occur. This really saved me a lot of time looking for matching stuff while on vacation and the horror of forgetting a matching shirt to her favorite shorts or whatever. You can also squeeze all of the air out of the bags and it takes up much less space in the suitcase.

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Wordless Wednesday

Meet the photographer of the following pictures. This is Anna she is 2 and will be 3 in August. She loves taking pictures and having her picture taken. We turned her loose with the camera for about 15 minutes and she took 70+ pictures. Some of them of course were blurry or just wild but these I thought turned out good. The blue picture is the bottom of her pool that she is sitting in right here. Interesting, huh!?!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

I did a lot of research on the holiday for my Sunday School class. I learned a lot about it and I am sort of shocked at how much I didn't know. For instance, the holiday was first celebrated in 1868 and it was only to honor the soldiers that died during the Civil War. The south didn't celebrate until it was to honor soldiers that died in any and all wars. I feel like I should add that the south did honor their lost soldiers - just on a different day! Memorial Day became a national holiday in 1971 and instead of keeping it on May 30th which is when it originated they decided to make it the last Monday of the month so that it would give a long weekend. Now they are saying that because of that people just use it as a long weekend, the beginning of Summer and have forgotten the meaning. I read some touching stories about the sacrifices soldiers have made and poems that brought tears to my eyes.

I discovered that even though I am 34 years old I never understood the true meaning of the holiday. The meaning that it would have to Moms and Dads and Wives and Husbands or to siblings and children. My class made little flag pins to pass out to those that lost a loved one to war and also to the veterans and active military. I explained that it takes a special person to sacrifice so much for their country. It takes a special family to sacrifice so much. I have several military friends and I see the sacrifices that they make. I know that I could not do it and it makes me appreciate them even more. I pray that God will keep our military safe and out of harms way. I pray that His will, will be done. I praise Him for making me more aware of the loss and meaning of this special holiday. I know that just that little pin given out by the next generation touched many hearts and brought tears to many people. I hope they know how much we appreciate what they are doing and/or have done. I hope they know we hate they lost someone to a war but at the same time we appreciate the ultimate sacrifice they made. Without them we would not have our freedoms!

There is a National moment of silence at 3:00. I hope that you will all just say a little prayer for the lost soldiers and include the soldiers that are fighting in this war! Even if you don't believe in the war believe in the soldiers! They don't chose to go they are sent!

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Difference between Dads and Moms

Sometimes in the day to day stuff you can really tell the difference between us. I don't know if it is like this for everyone but it is in our house. Sometimes I feel like I walk a fine line between helping Chris find his way as a father and staying out of it because he is Anna's parent too. Sometimes I make the wrong choice and we all suffer for it. Oh nothing terrible has happened it is just that sometimes Chris can take something the wrong way or seem a little more harsh than I think necessary or even more than he thinks he is. A lot of it is probably personality as well as us making our way through the choppy waters of being parents.

Parenting is hard stuff! If only they made a handbook for it lol. I guess if you go to the bookstore there are a couple of dozen or more about it. The thing is that all children are different and all parents are different. Therefore, a handbook would only do so much. The only way to do it is to muddle your way through as best as you can. Sure there are some books that give great advice. The only one that I have read that is worth anything is The Happiest Baby on the Block. It had great tips for the first little while with your infant. I couldn't use them all on Anna but he did have some great suggestions. I have flipped through a few others and not been impressed at all. Then it dawned on me that Anna is Anna. She isn't just like anyone else out there. She is unique and special. She is a terror at times and a joy at others. She is the light of my life and of her Dads. We will continue to muddle our way through. We will continue to learn and grow and love as a family. With all of our clashes and struggles and insecurities. We will also have love and laughter and the peace of knowing that even when we screw up we still have each other.

As a friend of mine said earlier today: Parenting is the hardest job you will ever love! Go hug your little terror and let them know they are loved!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wordless Wednesday!

Works for me Wednesday!

The other day we were taking Anna to see Sesame Street Live! We were picking her Daddy up at work and going from there. We got there in hopes he could leave a few minutes early. He couldn't get off as it turns out so I was left entertaining our darling little 2 year old for 15 minutes. Now I know that I could have gotten her out of the seat but then we would have had to argue with her to get her back in. I thought it would be much easier to just keep her in and happy. How did I do that you ask! I had my camera, of course! We simply sat in the back seat taking pictures of ourselves and individually. Each time she would look at the picture and we would decide if it was a keeper. This thrilled her to no end and was much better than getting out for just a few minutes. Next time you have a toddler impatiently waiting and a camera make it a game. See who can make the silliest faces or which one of you looks more goofy. You could even run through the different emotions. Do happy faces, sad faces etc. Your options are endless if you have a camera in hand. To see some of our favorite shots go HERE to see my Wordless Wednesday!

Disclaimer: Only try this with a child that is a total ham. May not work for camera shy children!
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday!

I haven't done this in a while and thought I would join back in. Anna is a little talker these days. She loves talking on the phone and will even have a conversation with someone else or by herself on it lol.

The other day we were leaving the beach and she wanted her "lips" on. I forgot her lip gloss at home and I just said well maybe Yia Yia has them why don't you call her and see. She got the cell phone (a non working one) and opened it up and punched buttons. She got a pretend Yia Yia on the phone and it went a little something like this:

  • Yia Yia hey what you doin?
  • ~pause~
  • Yeah we are at the beach.
  • ~pause~
  • no, we go home now.
  • ~pause~
  • Yia Yia do you have my lips at your house?
  • ~pause~
  • oooohhhh. ok I will get them later.
  • ~pause~
  • ok. Thank you. Talk to you later.
  • ~pause~
  • bye!

I promise there wasn't anyone else on the other end of that phone. But she sounded like there was. Chris was with me that day and he was cracked up!

The other night we were on our way home from church and she was having a total melt down. There are two houses under construction down from our house. Everytime we go by them Anna says Mommy are they working? I will either say yes or no and if it is no she says Oh they are at their Mommy's house? Well we went by the houses when she was having her melt down. In the middle of her wailing she said Mommy, working?

I don't know if I have told you all but Anna is my keeper. Any time we get in the car she asks me: Mommy you got your phone? Mommy you got your keys? If by some chance I do forget something she says Well Mommy GO GET IT! Even if we are 30 minutes away she thinks I should GO GET IT. I'd be so lost without her!

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Monday, May 19, 2008

What a wonderful weekend!

Friday we started out by going to the beach with an old friend. We grew up together and stayed friends all the way through high school. We lost touch and haven't seen each other in years! We found each other on My Space and come to found out she will be spending a lot of time near me this summer. It was really neat hooking up and finding out whats going on back home. Who is married with kids etc. I hope that we will get to get together often this summer. We are even talking about a reunion of sorts with 2 of our other friends.

Friday night we went to see Sesame Street Live! We went with our friends, Angel and Trooper. We had a lot of fun. We went to Mellow Mushroom first and we had to rush so we only got sandwiches. It was fun though there is such a lively atmosphere there. We ran down to the show and made it a few minutes early. A few minutes after we got there our old friends Matt, Melissa and Miles came in and funnily enough sat in front of us lol. We enjoyed the show and some cotton candy. Anna did great. She was clapping and dancing and just totally engrossed in it all. Even Trooper stayed mesmerized through most of it.

Saturday was just had a nice day. We walked to the park that is about a mile away and let Anna spend about an hour there. Of course some how we ended up keeping an eye on a 5 year old that was out there by himself. It amazes me that a Mother would let her little boy go to the park by himself at 5. We walked back and spent the rest of the day just doing stuff around the house. Chris is cleaning out the garage and I did a few things around the house. Anna pretty much spent the day with her Daddy. She loved working with him and taking things to the dump. She likes riding in his truck!

Sunday was of course church day. We had a fish fry last night to get us ready for Small Groups. We are going to start meeting in small groups on Sunday nights. It will be fun, I think, although we have never done anything like it. If you have, why don't you tell me your thoughts on it. The fish fry was a blast. The kids ran around like crazy and Anna is even starting to come out of her shell. She was waving and talking to almost every one. Which is great for me to see because I have been worried about how shy she is. Hopefully she is finally breaking through that. Of course on the flip side of that I love that she will sit in choir practice with me without causing a fuss and even sit through the preacher talking for 10 minutes.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yay ME!!!

Michie over at Seeking Imperfections has given me an award! I feel honored to receive such a wonderful award. I would give you a thank you speech but lets face it that would get all sappy and make everyone cry lol. Instead how about I share the joy with a few blogs that I just LUV to read! I will start out with my dearest bloggy friend Cheryl! Over at Red Pens and Diapers. I love reading her blog to see what her and her family are up too. Over the course of a year I feel like I actually know her.

Next I would like to give it to Reynie over at God, Do You Hear This Southern Girl Rambling? Reynie is a super sweet lady that makes sure to comment over here for me all the time. She also has numerous crafts going over at her house that I like to check up on!

Last but certainly not least is Shawn over at Between the Lines. She is an amazing example of an honest mommy writer. She isn't afraid to tell you how she really feels. She needs some love cause she is going to be re-entering the work force after being home with her twin girls for I think almost 2 years.

How about running over to see these girls and offer them a little LUV!!!

Thursday at the Aquarium

Last week on vacation we decided to go to the Aquarium. We just happened to pick the day that several schools were having field trips there. I think one of the guards said over the course of the day they were going to have 25 buses. So although we had a great time it was awfully loud and crowded. Anna enjoyed most of it but her favorites were the sting rays. She thought they smiled and waved at her. In my Wordless Wednesday below you will see the sting ray, a sawfish shark and jelly fish. I think most of the people looking at them think the two top pics are sting rays. The face on the sawfish shark cracks me up.. I have never seen anything like it. Here are a few more of my favorite pictures from the aquarium.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Day 3 of Vacation

Wednesday I decided I would get up to see the sun rise. I was sort of disappointed. I mean it was pretty and all but it was a cloudy morning so I couldn't really see the sun come up.

We went into town and had breakfast at Bob Evans. It was yummy and we enjoyed the conversation flowing around the table. Anna had to make a few trips to the bathroom but just because she enjoyed walking around the store. After we left there we went to the outlet stores. We could have spent at least all day there. I damaged my little toe so that spoiled my fun. I wacked it good on a base of a column. I was chasing after Anna, imagine that! We left there and had to swing by the grocery store and then we went back to the cabin. It was around 2 by that time so we ate a quick lunch. Anna and I had ours outside on the porch. After lunch was nap time so we crashed up stairs. We spent most of the rest of the afternoon enjoying the back porch. I tell ya I could live on the porch. It is just so peaceful and relaxing. You feel so close to God out there. It truly was amazing.

We did walk down to a house they were doing construction on just a little ways from our house. We didn't get to see much though cause they didn't have a good entrance for us. I didn't feel like walking across plywood that is resting sorta on the mountain and sorta in the air. I tell you I could never work in construction up there. I am not afraid of heights but I like to know something is under me lol.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday - Home Style

No I am not still on vacation. Yes we had to leave the mountains. :(

Today I worked a lot and played a lot. I thought I would tell you about my day because well I think it was a great day lol. This morning Anna and I slept in until 8:00 AM that's right people EIGHT AM. She woke up because she heard her Daddy leave. She ran as fast as she could to be able to wave at him through the windows. Which is a tradition in this house. Today she didn't make it in time. She was crushed! We called him so she could tell him to "have good day!" and "See ou Later!". She loves her Daddy very much.

I started some laundry and we had breakfast. We hung the clothes on the line and had to rush to get ready for our play date with Brooks at the park. We were a little late because someone couldn't decide what to wear and NO it wasn't me thank you very much. I had to try 3 shirts before Anna would agree to wear one. We stayed at the park for about an hour and had a great time. Lori and I enjoyed catching up because we haven't seen each other in a while and Anna and Brooks had a blast. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. We left there ran to Big Lots because I forgot some things at the store like tooth paste and dish washing stuff. Nothing important you know. Then we were nice and stopped to get a sweet tea for Chris and had to take a book he had forgotten at home. Anna drank half of his tea but he appreciated it all the same.

We came home had lunch and tried to nap but was not very successful. After trying for a while I finally gave up. We went and got the clothes off the line put some more out. Went to the front and cleaned my car out and washed! (Yes Pop I did it and at this very moment Chris is vacuuming and armor all-ing it!) By the time we were done with that we went to the back to hang up some more clothes. Anna wasn't ready to come in just yet so we stayed. I was sitting in a chair relaxing for a moment. Anna climbed up in my lap and we started watching the clouds. I would say "hey do you think that looks like a dolphin?" She would say "oh YEAH" and so on and so on. Then planes started coming over a lot. It was probably 10 planes in an hour. So we discussed where they were going. Most of them were going shopping or to the beach lol. I guess those are her favorite things to do huh. It was just so great having her leaning back on me watching all of the stuff in the sky. It just felt oh so perfect! After a while of that she got ready to run around again so we did for a while. When it was close to time for Daddy to get home we went out front and drew on the sidewalk with chalk. She was very excited to see her Daddy. Did I mention that she loves him A LOT?

Tuesday - Vacation Style

Tuesday was family day. We had Chris's Aunt and some of her crew come in to have lunch and spend the day with us. It was nice seeing family that we don't get to see often. It stressed Anna out a little having so many together but she did very well. She kept chasing her big cousin Edward around. Where ever he went she wanted to go. By the end of the visit she was also having her cousin (Edwards Mom) play dolls with her. Well push the baby around in the stroller anyway lol.
That same day Casey's friend Emily came to join in the festivities. She lives in Ohio but she use to work with Casey and they have stayed friends. I think that is kinda cool. So they have been to each others house and where we were was sorta half way so she met us there and spent Tuesday through Friday with us. She has 5 nieces so she is a pro with little girls. After our family had left Anna, Emily and I climbed into the hot tub. Anna was sold on Emily from that moment on. They splashed and played and carried on. It was fun. Anna loved the hot tub and the only way we could get her out was to promise a bath later in the big tub upstairs lol.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Re-living vacation

One day at a time!

I can't tell y'all how awesome my trip was. There really is no way to explain that relaxing on a porch with an incredible view of the smokey mountains was like medicine for the soul. That having family around (for the most part lol) can make everything seem a bit less chaotic. That watching Anna have so much fun warmed my heart. Not to mention the naps that I was able to take and the movies I watched. Oh and we can't forget the tub! Wait until you see the tub. I didn't get a picture of the hot tub but I sure did enjoy it! We had a pool table and an arcade game with 80's games on it.

This week I will try to let you live my vacation with me. Just let yourself float away into the land of the smokey mountains!

Monday we hit the road around 10. I woke up at 6:30 am yuck! I don't know why I guess I was just so excited. We (Casey, Anna and I) went to Chic-Fil-A for breakfast and to let Anna run around. She can't climb the stairs there cause they are to far apart but she can climb the slide to the top. She loves doing that. She ran around and went crazy for about an hour before the rest of our crew got there and ready to run.

The trip was long and exhausting especially for the drivers. Which was not me! We left at 10 stopped for an hour for lunch and a few other times for pit stops and we didn't make it there until 6ish. We did hit some road construction that slowed us down but mostly I guess it was the curvy, twisty roads that made it take so long. Anna did great though, I think her new seat had a lot to do with that.

We finally arrived to our cabin after going in circles thanks to the rental company's terrible directions. This is what we arrived to:

This is my bedroom and bath! Sweet, huh!

This was the sink in all of the bathrooms. Isn't that wild?

I have to say brushing my teeth just felt weird!

This was our view from the back porch! This was the clearest day that we had while there.
Anyway, Lynn and Casey went back down the mountain to find a grocery store and the boys and I unloaded the vehicle we had left at the house and I put everything away while the boys entertained Anna. When it came to bath time Anna was excited cause I was going to get in with her. There would have been no way to bathe her without getting in. So we get in and let me just say I don't think you can really tell from the above picture but when you are in the tub you can look down in the dining room and living room and on the porch. So getting in the tub feels a little weird cause here you are naked *doh* and if someone looked up they might see something *shudder. So anyway we get in and fill her up high enough to turn on those sweet little jets! Anna decides after being a little nervous that they were way cool! She also loved that she could stand up and look down and watch Yia Yia and Pop or Casey or whomever else was down there. We got totally spoiled with that tub! Going to bed was pretty fun too cause we had all sorts of channels on the tv so Chris and I would watch a different movie every night. I think Monday night I was to tired to watch a movie though. I was pretty exhausted! So that was our first night of vacation.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I hope you all had a wonderful day. Mine was great! I felt loved, cherished and spoiled lol. I didn't get diamonds or anything like that. However, what I got was much better! My hubby told me straight from his heart what a wonderful Mommy he thinks I am. If only I could see myself the way he sees me! Anna was so sweet she wished me a Happy Mothers Day in her sweet voice. And was so very affectionate and sweet. To top the day off I got to take a 2 hour nap with Anna. I know I was just on vacation but boy I needed that nap lol. After our nap we went to play at the soft play at the mall. It was a rainy day on and off and we knew the real playground would be soggy. While at the soft play we got to meet identical triplets! That was wild! I have never seen identical twins much less triplets. The funny thing is the mom wants to have more children but she is afraid of having a single. She said she wouldn't know what to do with just one. God bless for knowing what to do with three!

At church we had a nice Sunday School lesson. I didn't do a traditional one. We talked about 1 Kings 3:16-28. That is the story of the 2 prostitutes that were fighting over the baby and the king said well cut it in half. The story is typically used as a way of showing wisdom and a thought process that God would have us use. Because the king knew whoever would give up the child just so he could live must be the true mother. I taught it as an example of sacrifices a Mother will make for her children. That true mother would give her child to another woman just so he could live! I wanted the kids to know that Moms aren't perfect and Moms aren't always happy but we sacrifice almost daily for our children. I told them that even when we are sad or something is going on in our lives that is pulling us down we suck it up and keep going for our children. Most of what we do is for them! I asked them to tell their moms thank you for all of the sacrifices you make for me!

During the church service they played the video that was my idea! It was good. Everyone in the church seemed to love it. I wish my kids had been more animated and the street noise hadn't been so bad. All in all though it was great! Maybe next time I can be more involved in the details of it lol. All the mothers received flowers and they did some giveaways. It was a great morning. I had to sit by myself after the choir came down though. I was supposed to report to the nursery because they didn't have enough workers. My hubby didn't want me to miss all of the tributes to the Moms. He took my place in the nursery. Isn't he an amazing man!?!

Thank you Anna and Chris for making my day so special!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Sand Art

So the Sand Art Festival was today! It was very cool. I can't believe we had never heard about this before. You could find all sorts of things made out of sand. Below is just a hand full of them. There were probably close to 50 or so out there. It was nice to spend the day with Chris and Anna on the beach. What a way to kick off vacation!
Just in case you can't tell this was a couch and a tv.
A whale of course. They had there model right in front and I have to say they were dead on with it.
This was Aztec ruins or something of the sort. I just thought it looked pretty cool.
A sea turtle. They were going to use shells to make the markings on the back.
This is an octopus. I thought he was very cool!


I am going to the beach today so this will have to stand in for my normal post. If anyone wants to play along please do and leave me a comment so I can come see.

2. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? Saturday, total melt down!
3. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? No, I write just like my Dad
5. DO YOU HAVE KIDS? 1, the light of my life
9. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? no, I would love to go parachuting though
17. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? my brother
19. WHAT COLOR SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? shoes ~ what are those?
20. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU ATE? pb&j sandwich
23. FAVORITE SMELLS? clothes fresh off the line, vanilla
26. FAVORITE SPORTS TO WATCH? If I have to choose I guess it would be football
28. EYE COLOR? brown
30. FAVORITE FOOD? pizza
32. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? 101 Dalmations
35. HUGS OR KISSES? hugs
36. FAVORITE DESSERT? cheesecake or red velvet mmmmm
39. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW? a trashy novel
40. WHAT IS ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? don't have one
41. WHAT DID YOU WATCH ON TV LAST NIGHT? Ugly Betty and Greys Anatomy
42. FAVORITE SOUND? Anna giggling
45. DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT? is being silly a talent?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

First Place Celebration

Last night we celebrated the end of our First Place Bible Study. It was a long hard road and I only lost like 10 pounds over the course of 10 weeks. The past 3 weeks I have been stuck. Anyway, our celebration was held at my favorite Mexican restaurant. We had a great time. It was wonderful getting out with the people that have struggled right along beside me and just celebrate making it to the other side. We are going to start back on May 14th.

Let me just tell you about some of our excitement. We had a birthday boy in the crowd. He turned umm 21 te he. They played really loud music and sang him happy birthday while we wore sombreros. It was hysterical and totally embarrassing!

It's kinda blurry cause this guy moves constantly lol!
By the way he was one of our biggest losers!!! GO KEITH!

Then one of the ladies with us had never heard of a Margarita or Tequila for that matter. When we told her there was a worm in the bottom of the Tequila bottle she freaked out. I had to get our waiter to bring a bottle over to let her see the worm. Seeing is believing but then she was totally grossed out. Imagine her expression when she discovered that some people actually drink that thing down lol. Don't ask how we, a church group, got on the subject of liquor lol. I really don't know.

Mmm Mmmmm Good!

We went to pick more strawberries today. We are going to take these on our trip. I asked the ladies how to preserve them the longest and they told me to make sure they can breath and that you don't wash them before you put them in the fridge. Apparently they enjoy sitting in their dirt so much that they will stay fresh longer that way. I thought I would pass these tips on to you all. So remember dirty breathable strawberries are the way to go!

Anna felt that the strawberries needed a model!
And she does make them look even yummier, right? Here they are standing alone!
Mmmmmmm, if only I didn't mind those pesky little seeds!
Anna doesn't mind them and she is demonstrating how yummy they really are! You can tell by the droopy eyes that they are just oh so good!
She wanted to make sure I was getting this with the camera!
She ate every morsel of the thing. Well except for the leaves but she did
get some of the yucky stem stuff. Whatever the technical name for it is.