Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend Recap!

We had a fun filled busy weekend. We thought it would be uneventful and well dull, because we weren't having company and we didn't have any plans. Friday night we had a relaxing evening at home. I grilled some of the best bar b que chicken I have ever tasted! My cousin Joey made the sauce and I hate to say it but it was so good it is all gone now. I am hoping to convince him to send me some more.

Saturday~We got up and decided to take Anna to the Mall to the soft playground for a while just to get out of the house without freezing. While we were there I ran into a friend that I see there every once and a while and she told us that Clifford was going to be at a bookstore on the other side of the mall. We dashed over there at the appropriate time and ran into the sweet lady that kept Anna when I was in a bind and needed someone ASAP. She kept her for about 3 or 4 months. Her daughter is just a little younger than Anna. She has since had a new baby. He is 7 weeks old and as adorable as can be. The girls played around and listened to story time together. Clifford made a very brief appearance and boy, do I mean brief! It was fun anyway though. That afternoon we were hoping to go by and see some old friends but didn't make it cause they had a previous engagement until 7 which was just to late with Anna. So we just hung out at the house and made some yummy hamburgers and homemade baked fries. It was fun just chilling out and Anna needed it because she still has a runny nose.

Sunday~We went to Sunday School and church. Anna just loves going here because she gets to play with her friends. I ended up in the nursery with an adorable little boy that is probably close to 1 he was cruising a little. Anna wanted to come down with me so she did for the last 30 minutes. We came home had some left overs and got Anna down for her nap. After her nap we went to see our friends we wanted to see Saturday. They fed us a yummy dinner and I was naughty and had dessert. They didn't know I was trying to lose weight and I hated to be rude and not eat it. Oh who am I kidding it looked so yummy my will power went straight out the door. After dinner we "shot the bull" as our friend says. Then we decided to play cards. They have this torturous game that is a twist on poker. It was awful lol. After that we switched to penny poker. We had a blast and didn't get home until almost 9. When we got home Anna was totally wired because she had a healthy amount of chocolate too. She rode her horse and ran around until we could rope her in around 9:30. We managed to get her in the bed but she didn't go to sleep until at least 10. To bad she was up bright and early at 7.


  1. I love those pigtails. I can hardly wait until my Anna has enough hair for that. Don't feel bad about the dessert. It's not like you eat it every day. I still remember the luscious turtle cheesecake we had Thursday night. I can still taste it, practically. In another week or so, I'll treat myself to something else. We aren't turning into health food zombies just because we're trying to lose weight. :)

  2. I'm agreeing with mama cheryl on both topics! The pigtails are adorable!! Just such fun for a little girl. And two, no food zombies. The rest of your weekend sounded pretty healthy so a little dessert once over the weekend won't end it all. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I love the relaxing ones!

  3. Aunt Casey12:35 PM

    Glad you all had a relaxing weekend for a change!! I'm also glad to see that Anna is FINALLY riding her pony - has she named it yet??


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