Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yard Work and Poop

Anna and I went out this afternoon after her rest time. Nap time didn't happen but she did rest. After about 15 minutes of playing with Anna and her Tonka truck, I decided I would get some work done.
I did the fun job of picking up all of the poop left by my big ole boxer. That was a great job that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was honestly the most stinky and yucky job that has to be done. It was either that or have Anna picking it up with her bare hands and putting it in her truck cause she did try that the other day. Gross, huh!

After I accomplished that lovely mission I decided I would tackle the flower bed that is the bane of my existence. I didn't get it all cleaned out because let me just tell you the weeds LOVE that bed. I did rake out the leaves and most of the mulch and got about half way through the weeds. We had to stop cause our wheel barrel was full and we didn't have anywhere to dump it. At least that is my excuse ha ha. The truth is I was extremely thirsty and HOT. Yes that is right it is the middle of January and I was in Jeans and a short sleeve shirt and I was HOT! It is sad.

Tomorrow we have a play date in the morning and in the afternoon we will attempt to complete the bed.

If you have any inexpensive tips for keeping out weeds please let me know!

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  1. Okay, so it is SO not right that it is warm enough where you are that you can still go outside! I detest the cold winter months of Wisconsin...someday I'd love to move south!


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