Saturday, February 16, 2008

Work Day

We had a work day at church today. I always feel pretty useless during these days because Anna is with me. Today I realized that even though I am not able to do a lot of the major work at least I can take care of the few kiddos and others can have a chance to work. It is my little contribution that doesn't feel so little to the other Mom's. I am not sure how I end up the ones with the kids. I guess I am a kid magnet and they just gravitate towards me. We ran around outside and in the nursery. Went to visit the other workers and made sure they were working hard lol. We also listened to our praise team practice. It was pretty fun. I just have to remember that even though I didn't get any work done at least I contributed my time and energy.

This afternoon in an effort to keep my body moving I cleaned the weeds out of our flower bed in the front yard that I just did about a month ago. It wasn't to bad but if I waited a few more weeks it probably would have gotten pretty bad. It looks fabulous right now. Although I now need to clean our walkway and do one of the other beds up there. Anna and I will work on that this week.

We also intend to declutter our house. I have heard about flylady by numerous people including my mother. I have signed up for her daily emails and have shined my sink! Doesn't that look pretty!!! So I am going to start doing the baby steps this week and see if I can't get my house in shape. Now that I have lost 8 pounds I have more energy so I am going to put it to good use. Hopefully Anna will cooperate with this decision lol. She typically has other ideas about my energy, like running around in the yard or going to the park and climbing the rock wall.


  1. Sounds like you've been PLENTY busy!

    Keeping friends' kids occupied so they can work is definitely a contribution. And congrats on starting Flylady! I can't keep my sink empty for more than 20 minutes in this joint!

  2. I love flylady. It's a really nice philosophy about keeping a clean house that turns it into a blessing rather than a chore. And I love me a shiny sink!

  3. Flylady has a lot of good tips. Good luck with it. I love her concept of babysteps. She has a newish book you might like - check out "Body Clutter." I read it a couple of months ago and really identified with it.

    Your sink looks great! :)


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