Wednesday, February 27, 2008

WFMW: laundry

I have started doing something that no one knows about, well except my hubby and Anna lol. I have stopped using my dryer and started using a clothes line outside. This is not something I EVER thought I would do. When I was a kid I would help my mother do this and I really hated it. I am sure my parents will be shocked to discover this! (you guys can leave me a comment if you want.) Now I am trying to battle high electricity cost and just trying to get to a more simple life style. Not to mention it helps me move my body that much more. I can't tell you how it is helping with our electricity bill yet because I have only been doing it about a week. I can tell you that it is almost peaceful going out to hang them up. The sun shining down, the wind blowing and the gentle snaps of the clothes on the line. Mix in laughter from Anna because she loves being outside and you can just feel the simple life and the joys it can bring. It takes a while for the clothes to dry out there so I have still had to use my dryer on a few loads. Once I get into the habit of doing a load a day we should be able to stop using it totally except for on my hubby's dress clothes.

So going back to simple daily chores works for me! We are doing dishes by hand and now drying clothes on the line. I am burning more calories this way and saving money! I am also teaching my daughter that it is ok to do things for yourself instead of always depending on a machine.


  1. I like hanging out our clothes, and I look forward to spring when I can do it again! It does help save on energy costs, and it cuts down on your cooling bills in the summer, not having that hot dryer running all the time.

  2. Here in (often) rainy WA, I'm afraid I would end up doing the work of putting it on the line and then drying in the dryer. ha!

    Great cost saving tip though. thanks for sharing!

    Duckabush Blog

  3. Love, love, love the smell of freshly dried- in- the- sun clothes! We took my clothesline down years ago, I wonder if we could put it back up?!

  4. Anonymous5:06 PM

    I keep thinking about doing this once spring/summer come. Do you use a fabric softner in the wash to keep them from becoming stiff?

  5. Sounds nice...although as I just noticed it as snowing outside, my laundry would probably freeze. LOL

  6. Love this! We do MOST of our dishes by hand. The dishwasher never seems to get them all clean.


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