Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Blog Highjacking

Hi Hon! and all others who want to know how great (my first) baby is.

You said we've been together about 18 years. It is 17 years, 4 months, 2 days and 47 mins (as I type this line). We truely fell in love then for the very first time on the night of our first date. I was driving you back home. We turned right off of Woodland Drive onto the 12.4 mile stretch of highway that I would get to know so well that I can still drive in my sleep. Love triggered every time I dimmed the lights after turning them to high beam that seemed like a second before. Who knows why we laughed so hard at that, but the soft touch of your hand on my forearm I will never forget.

We have had some great, good, and really bad days, even on Valentine's Day. Tonight was a usual night. I got home later than we all wanted. I snagged the remaining daylight to do some work outside that should have been done previously. That probably made you feel like your excellent dinner was not appreciated as it should be. You did the dishes to give me time with my daughter on perhaps her first memorable Valentine's. You gave and gave even though dinner had no candlelight. You had no long bath with a neck message. We did not even have two minutes on the couch to snuggle without competition.

I did not produce but if I had we would have red carpet for you and Rachel Ray to do a live show about how much better your cooking is than anyone's. You would have a gala to celebrate your success at motherhood; I would announce to all how wonderful and loving you are as a wife and friend. The private jet would fly us to the mountains where we shared our first summer as camp employees; then, to the Carribean, and New Orleans and Las Vegas. We could relive and remember all those good times we have enjoyed together, for better or for worse.

It is not always magical and you are not always applauded, cherished, thanked, pampered, served, or loved like you deserve. But I do want you to know that if there is ever a jet, it will take us to new places to explore or I will get in the car alone to drive the lonely desolate highways like the one we fell in love on as long as you are waiting for me once I get to you.

Sorry it did not seem special. I love you very much. To me, every day after that night taking you back home and each to come are special because you are there. Thank you for sharing your life with me.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Hope you don't mind the blog highjacking.


  1. Oh. That's sweet. Come on, Candace. Give that big lug a hug. :)

  2. I don't know about you ladies but that brought me to tears! Is he sweet or what? When we were in high school and college he would write poetry. He was good!!! I keep trying to get him to do his own blog but he doesn't have time. Which is true between work and church and us we keep him very very busy!

    I love you babe! Thank you for hijacking my blog. You can do it any time you want as long as you say things like that about me on it lol. I remember the click click and honestly anytime I hear it even when you aren't with me it takes me back lol. I love you so much!!!

  3. What a sweetie! Appreciation goes a long way with a wife!

  4. Awwww...I love him! You are a lucky lady. What a beautiful tribute of your love.


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