Friday, February 29, 2008

Touched -

By the Hand of God!

Today I was outside in the sunshine sitting on the ground well on a table clothe lol. I was letting Anna run around and I was doing my Bible Study for First Place. At the end of each days devotion there is a prayer. Let me back up - this weeks focus is on God's will. You know doing what he wants of us and not always what we want. It went on in this particular days devotion to talk about how difficult it must have been for Jesus to do God's will when it included him going to the cross. I said the prayer out load and then added some to it and while I was sitting there something amazing happened. I had stopped praying but hadn't ended it I was just listening, you know. It went from being totally still out there to the softest of breezes blowing. It caressed my cheek and tossed my hair about a little bit. I will swear to my dying day that the Good Lord was touching me. He was letting me know that He is with me!

OK so after reading this through some of you will think I am crazy or being fanciful or whatever. You can think that but I will always know the truth!

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful experience! I have often felt that way, too. It's a comforting feeling. Especially when you are dealing with God's will. I have struggled with letting God have control of my life and KNOWING that things need to happen on His time frame and not mine. I'm getting better but still have days when I want it NOW!


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