Thursday, February 07, 2008

First Day!

My first day on First Place. It has been interesting so far. This morning I messed up because I hadn't been to the store so all I had was whole milk for my oatmeal. So between that and lunch I have 1 to many fats for the day. I have to eat some veggies too cause I haven't had nearly enough of those. It is all very complicated but basically whatever you eat is the equivalent of either ~ fruit, veggie, bread, meat, fat or milk. You have to have x amount of each in a day and also 8 glasses of water. Being on a 1200 calorie plan you would think I would be starving cause I am sure I was having way more than that before but I don't think I will get all of my points in for the day. This is why this plan works for me because it helps me stay balanced! Without it I tend to have more meats and starches. Well, I need to go eat a cucumber or something so let me scoot.

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