Thursday, February 28, 2008


I have been so productive today even I am impressed lol. Of course I am now sitting on my butt, eating some baked chips and drinking a diet dr. pepper but hey we all deserve a break right!?! Let me just tell you all in bloggyville what I have been up to today. We got up and I fed Anna. I couldn't make myself eat so I started some laundry. After Anna was fed we got ready and ran out the door. We went to the store cause we needed just a few things and of course we were gone for like an hour. We got home and we hung out our first load of clothes and started another in the wash. While those were all running we cleaned the living room and vacuumed. Then I put the load that was in the wash into the dryer (hubby's dress clothes) and started another load. While that was running I started dinner (roast in the crockpot!) I went out and checked the clothes on the line and they were still a little damp but Anna and I enjoyed the sunshine for a while. We ran around like nuts chasing her ball and having fun. In between all of the playing I hung out another load of laundry. In hopes of wearing Anna down we ran around for another little while before lunch. It obviously worked cause she is now sleeping peacefully! YAY, maybe she isn't ready to give up naps after all.

If I had my camera I would have so many cute pictures. Anna trying on her new swim suit from Aunt Casey. It is SO adorable. It looks great Aunt Casey thank you so much. She didn't want to take it off but she had goose bumps lol. I was going to get a picture but I couldn't find it online.

I would show all of you in the North how pretty it looks here with our green grass and the leaves starting to pop out of the trees and plants.

I would show you how funny Anna looks all curled up in my laundry basket. Well, funny as long as there aren't clean clothes in the bottom lol.

So many things to share and NO camera. Have I told you all how much I miss it lol. We went to walmart this morning and I was looking at the cameras there. I am dreaming of a new camera! Isn't she pretty! I will continue to dream of one like this. One day!!!

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  1. my husband drinks Dr. Pepper for breakfast. i never could quit get my tastebuds to agree with the dr. Sounds like you had a great productive days. Don't those make you feel great!


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