Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday!

Anna has been running off at the mouth. I, however, didn't write it all down so lets see what we can remember.

  • Her very favorite phrase (we may have used it before but it is so cute) I'll BE back! She sounds like a mini (female) Arnold Schwarzenegger lol. It is so cute how she does it.
  • This one is embarrassing for me but I am hoping you will understand. Well, really I am just hoping I am not alone lol. She was rubbing my face the other day and she rubs my chin and she goes "Mommy's beard"! I quietly said "sweetie Mommy doesn't have a beard." She rubbed my chin again nodded her head and said "Mommy's beard"! I said quietly, "sweetie lets just not tell anyone ok." Please tell me you guys know what I am talking about those pesky hairs that grow out on your chin. Oh God please tell me I am not the only woman that has pesky chin hairs. AAAhhhhhhh!!!!
  • We were with Pop and Yia Yia this weekend. Whenever she would make a mess she would say with this adorably innocent look "awww, Pop made a mess"
  • My daughter is obsessed with cleanliness! We go to the park and she wants to clean it. whether "it" is the slides or the rock wall or whatever. We put her in the tub and if anything is in there with her like a hair or toe jamb or whatever she freaks out. OOOOHHHH Mommy the tub is D I R T Y!!! And yet she loves to go out and do flips in the back yard in the grass. Go figure!

Well, that is all can think of at the moment. I will see if my hubby can remember any and add those later. Happy Tuesday and have a great day!


  1. I have the chin hair as well. Shhh. Don't tell anyone. :) Anna is so darn cute. Hurts my eyes to read her cuteness.

  2. What an adorable daughter! She sounds so fun. (And yes, I will confess to plucking the occasional errant eyebrow hair that mysteriously appeared on my chin, lol.)

  3. Kids are so funny and cute!

  4. I'm a clean freak, too. My cleanliness obsession started young as well. It just gets worse as you get older, too.

    And as the PP said, they are not chin hairs... They are misplaced eyebrow hairs!

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  6. Love the new look! (maybe I just haven't been here for a bit)

    So glad you shared the beard comments even if you risked embarrasment. Kids are so brutal.


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