Tuesday, February 12, 2008

LoveFest Part 1

The rest of the week I am going to have a LOVEFEST! I am going to start out with Anna's love. Anna and her Sweethearts! Love is in the air between these star crossed toddlers. The one on the right is this years young love. Anna and Brooks played hard for a few hours this morning at the park and had so much fun. They get together at least once a week and definitely see each other at church. The one on the left is last years baby love. He moved away and we still miss him and his family. They were so cute together. They would kiss on each other and hug on each other like they were truly and deeply in love. It was sweet. & of course innocent. Anna stayed with his Mommy when I was working and they were inseparable. We saw them at church every week as well. She is a lover not a fighter!

Oh I have a few meme's that have been sent to me so I will get to those ladies! Also, Cheryl is helping me fix a new and wonderful header for my blog. I am very excited about that! So come back to check me out later in the week. She is being super patient and helpful with it.

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