Monday, February 11, 2008

Manic Monday and Tackle it Tuesday

I was going nuts with the chaos in my house. I don't have a dirty house but I have a messy house. It has toys and clutter everywhere. I am taking charge! I think taking charge of my body is giving me strength to take charge in other areas of my life. I started in the kitchen today because it is the heart of the house. I worked all morning and with Anna's help I am very pleased with our results. I didn't take a before picture because honestly the spirit just moved me to get to work! I do have after shots though and let me just say there is a WORLD of difference!!! I still need to do the floors, clean out the fridge and the pantry lol but other than that it is GREAT lol. Boy I guess I didn't get as much done as I thought lol. Oh well look for yourself and tell me what you think.
The picture above is the biggest improvement. We have had the little rack you see in the corner forever and never put it together. So Anna and I put it together and put it to good use finally! We also tossed out things we didn't need or put away other things that were just lingering.
This was a vast improvement too. The window seal needed a definite scrubbing. I keep all of my important mementos in my kitchen window for some reason. You will see the unicorn my brother gave me, a few candle sticks and holders given to us at our wedding, a little tiny egg plant pitcher and beautiful flower vase given to us by my hubby's me-maw, a few little figurines given to me when I was a little girl one by my aunt and the other I can't remember where that one came from maybe my parents, the little candle holder with rocks in it is for my hubby and well Anna too now I guess (they both LOVE rocks) oh and don't forget the little wood bear in the corner. This little bear has traveled with me since I was a girl. My friend, Jody's Dad made it for me one year. I think it has a date on it let me see it says 1988 how about that lol. Oh yeah and don't look at the dishes in the sink!
Of course here is the best treasure ever! I can't take pictures without her wanting in on the shot.
Don't you love my flat top stove! The pictures behind it are pretty cool too. They were given to me by my mother in law and I thought they would look great back there. My sister in law, God bless her, cleaned them up for me a few weekends ago. They get pretty messy hanging up there!
Here is our dinosaur microwave! We have had that little thing since we got married and we are working on 12 years. It still works at least most of the time so we hang on to it lol.
PS. What do you think about my counter tops. Our builder told us not to go with these because we would hate them after being here a year. I think we have been here 8 years now and I still LOVE them. They are different and fun.


  1. I love it. Very beautiful. And I totally adore the counter tops. Ours are a hideous wide laminate with gold flecks and metal trim. The original counter tops to the house, but I think I'm willing to upgrade. :) Good job!

  2. Great work! I've got a kitchen here that could use you and Anna if you need another project!


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