Monday, February 04, 2008

Naughty ~ Naughty

I was very naughty this weekend. I ate what I wanted and didn't give a second thought to my diet. It was a pretty stupid thing to do and I knew it at the time. I guess I felt like since I am starting my First Place diet this Wednesday it was like a last treat lol. Kind of like a drunk about to give up alcohol goes on a binge. Not that I have ever done that but I would imagine it would be about the same. Today, however, I am getting back on the wagon. I ate pretty healthy today and I am excited about getting going again. I think since I have not been doing so good over the past week really I felt like I didn't have anything to lose. Ha ha. It is so easy to get into the mindset of well I have already screwed up so lets just forget about it. The problem with that is I can't forget about it. I can't just give up. I have to start over for myself, for my daughter and for my hubby.

My goal for this week is to lose 1 maybe 2 lbs. I have to get off my butt and get moving! It is time to get serious and get the weight off!


  1. Well, I binged on spending, again, too so I decided that it's OK to splurge now and then ... just not every day or every week. Good luck with reaching your goal.

  2. I know you can do it! Woo-hoo for taking control. Chris and I found that we lose more weight if we allow ourselves a cheat treat every week or so. Your body doesn't freak out about dieting then, and it's more willing to burn off a cookie or two.

    You are going to have an awesome week. I just know it.


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