Monday, February 04, 2008

Little Angels

Yesterday after Anna woke up from her nap my hubby and I took her to the park. We were trying to distract her cause she was already missing her Yia Yia and Pop and Aunt Cakie. Anyway, we got there and it was fairly packed with kids mostly bigger than her. We got her to go play and she was trying to climb up that tub thing that is slanted pretty steep. She couldn't make it and 3 big girls were trying to go up but they were being so patient. Anna wanted out so one of the girls helped her out and they just couldn't believe how cute Anna was. After that they followed Anna around the play ground helping her where ever she needed help and in some cases when she didn't. Anna would look up and say "I do that" lol. It was so cute and so very sweet of those girls. It was a set of twins age 9 and another girl that was 8. I hate that I forgot my camera! There was this one time that they were "helping" Anna go down the slide. It is a triple slide so Anna was in the middle she had a twin on either side of her and the other little girl behind her. GIRL POWER!!! They will be great Moms one day. I hope that Anna can be that helpful to little ones when she gets older.

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  1. There was a six year old girl at the pizza/play gym when we went there for Ben's birthday. He couldn't easily get up to the next level on the gym, and she'd stay behind him so she could hoist him up each time. It was so precious.


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