Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Shawn blessed me today! Thank you for sharing the blessing Shawn.
This is something first started by Ukok. We are each to bless three people, as she explains:It’s a game of tag with a difference. Rather than looking inwardly, we look outside ourselves and bless, praise and pray for 3 blog friends. By participating in this endeavor we not only make the recipient of the blessing feel valued and appreciated, but we are having some fun too. We’re going to see how far the bloggin’ blessings can travel around the world and how many people can be blessed! Recipients of a bloggin’ blessing may upload the above image to their sidebar if they choose to. If you receive a bloggin’ blessin’ please leave a comment on this thread here so that we can rejoice in just how many blessings have been sent around the world!

And, she wrote: “This is my wish for you: Comfort on difficult days, Smiles when sadness intrudes,Rainbows to follow the clouds, Laughter to kiss your lips,Sunsets to warm your heart, Hugs when spirits sag,Beauty for your eyes to see, Friendships to brighten your being,Faith so that you can believe, Confidence for when you doubt,Courage to know yourself, Patience to accept the truth,Love to complete your life.”Author unknown

I want to pass this along to three others.


I chose these three because they are a blessing to me. Both through their blogs and their comments on my blog.

May God bless you all!


  1. Oh how wonderful. Thank you!!!

  2. What a wonderful blessing! Thank you so much! It is always nice to be thought of. I will pass it along!


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