Monday, February 25, 2008

Guess what!?!

You remember me talking about fixing my fridge last week? I know it wasn't as exciting as me climbing a fence or anything but it was major in my life lol. Anyway, I thought I would just tell you guys that our fridge is still fixed!!! I was worried it was a temporary fix but so far so good. I just thought I would update you while I was thinking about it.

Oh and I have terrible news! My camera is riding around in the back of my sister in laws car. Therefore, you will not be seeing any pics on my blog for a while unless they are old.

I am really out of anything to say right now lol. Oh I got my taxes done YAY ME!!! We did pretty good but it will go away quickly.

Well that is all for me tonight. Candace ~ signing out!

1 comment:

  1. Hi hon. :) New blog look again. Cute. Getting a fridge fixed is a huge deal. Really. Congrats!


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