Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Shhhhew, I need a nap!

This morning Anna and I had to babysit her little friend Brooks. He is a sweet little boy that just turned 2 not long ago. He is a live wire and all boy! Now I need a nap lol. He and Anna really had a blast. They ran from one side of the house to the other. Played outside for almost 2 hours. They had a pb&j sandwich for lunch and then had a jump fest on the bed. Anna is tuckered out that is for sure. I am hoping she will take a nice long nap today. That will give me time to finish preparing for my class. Of course, I should be doing that instead of blogging but well, you know lol.
The weather here is absolutely perfect! It is about 80 degrees and windy. I love the wind! I remember as a little girl twirling in the backyard with the wind blowing through my hair. I was trying to see if I would just lift off of the ground and fly. I never did but I kept trying for a long time. Even now at 34 I find myself doing it with Anna lol. We are supposed to have some terrible storms coming through this afternoon but I don't see any evidence off it as of yet.

Speaking of when I was little and storms. When I was probably 12ish I spent the night at my friend Jodi's house. We spent pretty much every weekend together at one house or another and her Grandma lived right down the street from me. Anyway, this paticular day there was a horrible storm coming through. It had lightening like I had never seen before. It was forking all over the place and looked like it was touching down somewhere. Well, my dear friend even at such a young age was a total picture nut. She decided that she wanted to go into a field beside her house and get pictures of the lightening. Well, being so young I couldn't let her go without me, I mean what if she got hurt or worse what if she thought I was a chicken! So we went out there and I think her little sister, Jennifer even tagged along for a little while. I remember this one paticular streak had like 4 different forks coming off of it and well I shot out of that field in a split second and didn't stop until I was in the safety of her house. My nutty friend was still out in the field taking pictures. I can't tell you the shame I felt for years for not being as tough as Jodi lol. I just recently found Jodi on myspace and it has been fun catching up. It has really brought back a lot of memories from the past.
By the way the wind just slammed a door shut in the house it was extremely loud and Anna didn't even stir!

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  1. The weather was wonderful here the last couple of days! Makes me hungry for spring time!

    And myspace... love that silly thing. i've found so many old friends, too. makes it fun!


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