Monday, February 18, 2008

300 POSTS!!!

I didn't even realize I had hit 300 posts! I would tell you 300 things about me but I am afraid you might get bored! I have seen several people do a thing where they let people ask questions. So how about we try that, if there is anything you want to know ask me and I will more than likely answer ha ha! Ask anything but I reserve the right not to answer lol.

Be sure to ask something and don't leave me hanging here, lol.


  1. Hmmmm. My 300th is coming up soon as well. Question for you. Man. My brain is fried with travel prep, so this is really hard. How about this: What do you consider your best personality trait to be? What makes you a good friend? When are you moving to Wisconsin so we can be neighbors?

  2. Aunt Casey1:00 PM

    Sorry Cheryl, my SIL and niece are not moving to Wisconsin - any time soon!! Have you ever thought about moving south??? No snow or ice here - just sunshine!! By the way, love your blog - Ben and Anna are too cute!!

    Let's see - a question for you that I don't already know the answer to - what is the biggest "duh moment" or "Only a Candace moment" (as I like to call them) you have ever had?????

  3. 300? Goodness! I am excited about getting to 100!

    How about where would you like to travel to that you've never been? What is your favorite food? What's one of your favorite things about your husband? What is one of your favorite memeories of your daughter?

    There some starter ones!

  4. Congratulations on 300 posts! I don't think I've even made it to 20 yet. LOL :)


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