Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday, Shew!

So last night was exciting. Anna hadn't had her nap and she was throwing one fit after another. We just went to her room and read until she was ready to settle down. We both crashed a little after 9. Today we worked on our fridge. I don't think I have complained about our fridge on here but the freezer part had a leak down into the fridge that would just collect in the bottom of the fridge after dripping down each shelf in there. It was awful and disgusting and very frustrating. So I posted on freecycle to see if anyone would now how to fix it or whatever and received lots of great advice. Today Anna and I tackled our freezer and then cleaned up the fridge. It looks so GOOD! I don't have before pics because it was yucky but just look at the after shots! I just hope and pray that what I did today has fixed the problem. So far so good. We will have to wait and see though! Oh and don't look at how empty it all is lol.

Rachel Ray come see what is in my fridge!

After we did that we went out to watch the birds enjoy some afternoon sunshine.

Anna ran around in our new found back yard and rode her 4 wheeler. Our dog Buddy just prawled around enjoying the brisk air!


  1. Love the clean frig and freezer. Something about getting that done makes you feel so clean! I scare myself when I open the frig and find something really outdated in there. Yuck! Oh, and the outdoor adventure looks wonderful. I'm sooo ready for spring!


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