Friday, February 22, 2008

Adventures of Super Mom!!!

What a day yesterday was! It was crazy to say the least. It started out by me taking Chris to work. Then we (Anna and I) went to get our oil changed. I took it to one of the fastest places because we had a play date set up for 10. I waited patiently while Anna wondered around trying to touch everything making me cringe. They finished my car and I went out to leave. I cranked the car up and it died. I cranked it again and it died. Hmmm, this was not an issue before we came in. I went back and said probably not so nicely that I needed them to see why my car was not cranking. They came out and apparently they hadn't connected something correctly.

With that problem solved we went to grab a bite to eat. It was now 9:00 and we hadn't had breakfast yet. To avoid her wanting to play on the equipment at most places we ran into Krystal. We get a biscuit and sit down to eat. Anna is watching this guy mop the floor. He seemed like a very nice man and he was wearing a hat. The hat pushed his braids down over his ears and well it looked different. Anna looked at him and looked at him. Then she turned to me and said (in a stage whisper) "Mommy, ears! His ears funny!" I wanted to crawl under the table but instead I said "Anna" and looked up to see if maybe he hadn't heard her. He just grinned at me, watch out, table here I come.

After that we had a play date at the park down from our house. Brooks came and we met another nice woman that had a 3 year old and a 18 month old and was 5.5 months pregnant. Her son decided to go under the fence and almost went into the road. It was very exciting I tell you.

That afternoon it only got better!!! Anna didn't take a nap and I had a ton of stuff to do so I couldn't rock her to "make" her go to sleep. She wasn't cranky or anything so that was good. I ran out to go get the mail and left Anna inside cause it was rainy. I come back and she had locked our glass storm door! I don't have a key to the storm door! Our gate is sealed shut so I couldn't just walk around to the back yard. I wanted to cry but I couldn't cause I had to keep Anna calm. I walked to my neighbors house because he has a ladder in his backyard and I could climb the fence. The neighbors gate was locked. I went down one more house. I have never met these people even though they have lived there a few years. The guy that answers the door was very nice. I explain my problem to him while standing in the middle of his yard so that I can see if Anna comes out of the house and heads for the rode. The gentleman at the door explains he is just a visitor so he doesn't know if there is a ladder but he will certainly go look. He does!!! So we tromp down to our house and luckily it had stopped drizzling mostly. I am trying to think of any other way besides climbing the gate to get in but nothing works. It is a privacy fence you know one of those tall ones. You guys have seen my pictures you know I am short and well rounded. I didn't know how this was going to work out. The wonderful visiting gentleman offered to do it for me until I informed him there was a big dog in there. Even though he is old and probably sleeping he didn't think that mattered lol. So here I go up the ladder. I get to the top and I start praying! I put my leg over the top and I can't find the board I need to put my foot on. After several moments I managed to work my hips just so that I could get a toe hold on it. I shifted my weight onto that foot and the board started popping YIKES! In that one instant I thought I didn't tell this guy Chris's phone number, I am going to break something and he isn't going to know what to do! I started moving quickly after the popping started. I threw my other leg over and almost at the same time pushed on the fence and jump and/or flung myself backwards away from it. I landed on my feet. Ha yes I must have been a cat in a previous life lol. The only injury I incurred was a nice boo boo on my middle finger. I pretty much just pulled the skin off of it. It still hurts but hey I survived with all my limbs still intact! I walk in the back door and Anna was standing in the front door looking for me and Buddy was sitting in the front window looking for me. I didn't know if I should hug her or beat her! I went for hugging and strong chastising! Next time she will go to the mailbox with me!

Ah the joys of motherhood!!!


  1. Funny. I probably would have cried or laughed my ass off. Either one seems appropriate.

  2. oh my! I would have had a meltdown. Panic attack right on my front porch, seriously. I don't do the thinking fast thing. I don't have mother's instinct even! In fact just last March I was down in Alabama walking my grandparents dog with Adylynn. We were strolling along and the dog jumped and started barking I looked over to see a black snake. Ady was about 2 feet on the other side of me and I said "ADY ADY GET OVER HERE" and pulled her in between me and the snake! Thank goodness it wasn't dangerous. My mother and aunt were with us I have yet to live it down.

    I admire your supermom abilities!

  3. I would have been so freaked out if Paige had locked me out of the house! Good thing you had your Super Mom cape with you! :)

  4. Girlfriend--sounds like you found some new talents! You can now add fence climbing to your resume! Sorry for such drama but you know they say that when it rains, it pours! Sounds like you had quit a few events on Friday. I hope the rest of the weekend was a little more calm!


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