Thursday, February 21, 2008


OK I think I am ready to answer my questions.

By Cheryl:
  1. What do you consider your best personality trait to be? This one is tough cause I have so many lol! I would have to say one of my best is my positive outlook. I am a glass pretty much full even if it really isn't. I can find a way to spin it to make it better. Yes, sometimes this does get me in trouble because we all know reality is hard but hey I try!
  2. What makes you a good friend? Sometimes I wonder if I am a good friend. I mean sure I have a handfull of people that I truly consider friends but not as many as I would like. I think I have a hard time opening up to people which makes making friends difficult. Once I got ya though my best friend skill would be my way to make you laugh even when you don't feel like you can. Again I can spin anything to make it look better. Either that or I am a good listener and willing to do it without offering (to much) advice.
  3. When are you moving to Wisconsin so we can be neighbors? Well, honestly my butt would freeze if I moved there so you will just have to come south!

My Dearest Sister-in-law Casey:

  1. What is the biggest "duh moment" or "Only a Candace moment" (as I like to call them) you have ever had????? Well, you would probably know the answer to that one better than me lol. I tend to put those out of my mind you know putting the positive spin on it and all. If I have to give an example we will go with losing my keys last summer for about a month because they were in with Anna's beach toys and I just didn't even realize it until the next time we were going to the beach. Either that or putting milk in the pantry and whatever was supposed to go in the pantry in the fridge. Yes I have numerous blonde moments. If you would like to share any that you find paticularly humorous go for it but if that comment goes missing well umm oops lol.

My new friend Reynie:

  1. How about where would you like to travel to that you've never been? Well if we are dreaming big I would go with Ireland. I don't know why but I have always felt drawn there. I think it is so beautiful and mystical over there.
  2. What is your favorite food? Speghetti
  3. What's one of your favorite things about your husband? There are so many things to love about my hubby narrowing it down to one will be hard. Hmmm, I love how giving he is with his time. It is a double edged sword because we miss him at home a lot but he does such good things with the youth at our church and so many others.
  4. What is one of your favorite memeories of your daughter? Nursing Anna gave me so many precious memories. When I was pregnant I was seriously NOT going to nurse! Chris told me just do it for 6 weeks (I think he liked that it was FREE). I relented because of the good it would do for her and honestly cause I had heard it helped you lose weight lol. We had trouble in the hospital with it and I got so mad and then I got determined. I WAS going to nurse that baby and she was NOT going to need supplemental milk. Let me just say when I get determined WATCH OUT! We got everything resolved and she nursed like a champ. I will never forget the first time she was latched on and I was looking down at her caressing her cheek and her arms and she looked up and grinned the cutest little elf grin around my n*pp*e. It was one of the sweetest moments ever. As she got older watching her figure out new positions was always fun well not always but mostly lol. She got to a point for a while she would grab my b**b with both hands like she had the biggest juicest cheeseburger and just squeeze and pull it to her. If you want non-milk related I would have to say the first time she gave a belly laugh. We were watching White Christmas she was only 4 or 5 months. We got to the part where they were singing the Snow song and there is a part where they make the train sounds you know chugga chugga etc. Well, I was singing along because that is my favorite all time Christmas show. I attempted to make the train noise and well lets just say it didn't go well and Anna let out this belly laugh unlike any I had ever heard. She laughed for quite some time and it was the cutest thing!

That was fun if you have any more questions bring 'em on! Happy Thursday!!!

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  1. Nursing is one thing (among several) about having a child that I so look forward to. It seems to be one of those magical things that you just wouldn't understand unless you had a child. What great memories!


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