Saturday, March 01, 2008

Spring is in the air!

What a beautiful day today has been. My poor hubby had to work this morning. I had to wash Anna's sheets cause we had an accident last night. By we I mean HER! Just wanted to clarify that I didn't have an accident lol. We got those all cleaned and hung on the line. Anna ran around for a while with the sand gnats chewing on us. 10:30 we headed down to the park to meet Brooks and Jackson for a play date. We have missed them terribly. They had to go out of town because their Great Grandfather passed away. Brooks got a hair cut for the first time ever yesterday and it is still long and super curly but it is cute. The kids had a blast and Anna cried when it was time to go. She was totally devastated. This afternoon after her nap Chris and I took her back to the park for a little while. We came home and made some yummy, pretty healthy pizzas.

For those of you from my generation before X-Box and WII there was Atari. You remember? A few years ago, the year I was pregnant with Anna I bought Chris an Atari Flashback. We really haven't played it a lot because, well you know we were busy with other things like diapers and tantrums or whatever else related to Anna. We cracked it out this weekend to let Anna play a little because we don't have the new high tech games. We have thoroughly enjoyed playing it. Anna isn't so good at it cause the joy sticks are stiff and hard to use but she enjoys pretending and trying.

In other news, our dog isn't doing very well at all. He has taken a definite turn for the worse so we are going to take him back to the vet soon and see what they can do. It is so hard watching him deteriorate so much, so quickly. That is all I have to say about that!

Anna is playing with her Daddy right now and can I just say there is nothing sweeter than her laughter.

Oh I almost forgot I wanted to put this on here so I can look back in years to come and remember. On Valentine's Day (yes, I have selfishly been keeping it to myself) we ran to the grocery store and the check out girl gave Anna a pack of cookies in celebration. I explained to her that she received such a generous gift because she is so special. She looks at me and says "Mommy's special too!" And then she gave me the sweetest grin ever. Isn't she just a doll!


  1. Oh man, that's precious. I hope the vet has some advice for the dog. I know you weren't that pleased with what he had to say last time.

  2. Sorry to hear about your doggie. I will say a little prayer.

    Love Atari! It was the coolest ever!


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