Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 3 of Vacation

Wednesday I decided I would get up to see the sun rise. I was sort of disappointed. I mean it was pretty and all but it was a cloudy morning so I couldn't really see the sun come up.

We went into town and had breakfast at Bob Evans. It was yummy and we enjoyed the conversation flowing around the table. Anna had to make a few trips to the bathroom but just because she enjoyed walking around the store. After we left there we went to the outlet stores. We could have spent at least all day there. I damaged my little toe so that spoiled my fun. I wacked it good on a base of a column. I was chasing after Anna, imagine that! We left there and had to swing by the grocery store and then we went back to the cabin. It was around 2 by that time so we ate a quick lunch. Anna and I had ours outside on the porch. After lunch was nap time so we crashed up stairs. We spent most of the rest of the afternoon enjoying the back porch. I tell ya I could live on the porch. It is just so peaceful and relaxing. You feel so close to God out there. It truly was amazing.

We did walk down to a house they were doing construction on just a little ways from our house. We didn't get to see much though cause they didn't have a good entrance for us. I didn't feel like walking across plywood that is resting sorta on the mountain and sorta in the air. I tell you I could never work in construction up there. I am not afraid of heights but I like to know something is under me lol.

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