Monday, May 12, 2008

Re-living vacation

One day at a time!

I can't tell y'all how awesome my trip was. There really is no way to explain that relaxing on a porch with an incredible view of the smokey mountains was like medicine for the soul. That having family around (for the most part lol) can make everything seem a bit less chaotic. That watching Anna have so much fun warmed my heart. Not to mention the naps that I was able to take and the movies I watched. Oh and we can't forget the tub! Wait until you see the tub. I didn't get a picture of the hot tub but I sure did enjoy it! We had a pool table and an arcade game with 80's games on it.

This week I will try to let you live my vacation with me. Just let yourself float away into the land of the smokey mountains!

Monday we hit the road around 10. I woke up at 6:30 am yuck! I don't know why I guess I was just so excited. We (Casey, Anna and I) went to Chic-Fil-A for breakfast and to let Anna run around. She can't climb the stairs there cause they are to far apart but she can climb the slide to the top. She loves doing that. She ran around and went crazy for about an hour before the rest of our crew got there and ready to run.

The trip was long and exhausting especially for the drivers. Which was not me! We left at 10 stopped for an hour for lunch and a few other times for pit stops and we didn't make it there until 6ish. We did hit some road construction that slowed us down but mostly I guess it was the curvy, twisty roads that made it take so long. Anna did great though, I think her new seat had a lot to do with that.

We finally arrived to our cabin after going in circles thanks to the rental company's terrible directions. This is what we arrived to:

This is my bedroom and bath! Sweet, huh!

This was the sink in all of the bathrooms. Isn't that wild?

I have to say brushing my teeth just felt weird!

This was our view from the back porch! This was the clearest day that we had while there.
Anyway, Lynn and Casey went back down the mountain to find a grocery store and the boys and I unloaded the vehicle we had left at the house and I put everything away while the boys entertained Anna. When it came to bath time Anna was excited cause I was going to get in with her. There would have been no way to bathe her without getting in. So we get in and let me just say I don't think you can really tell from the above picture but when you are in the tub you can look down in the dining room and living room and on the porch. So getting in the tub feels a little weird cause here you are naked *doh* and if someone looked up they might see something *shudder. So anyway we get in and fill her up high enough to turn on those sweet little jets! Anna decides after being a little nervous that they were way cool! She also loved that she could stand up and look down and watch Yia Yia and Pop or Casey or whomever else was down there. We got totally spoiled with that tub! Going to bed was pretty fun too cause we had all sorts of channels on the tv so Chris and I would watch a different movie every night. I think Monday night I was to tired to watch a movie though. I was pretty exhausted! So that was our first night of vacation.


  1. Wow! How beautiful! Sounds like you enjoyed it! Good for you!

  2. Hey Candace - where is this place? It's gorgeous! We sometimes go to this place up in Blue Ridge, GA called "Hooper's Last Resort" (just love the name!) -

    The mountains are awesome, aren't they?

    This is Amy "The Cake Lady" BTW.... :-)


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