Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

I did a lot of research on the holiday for my Sunday School class. I learned a lot about it and I am sort of shocked at how much I didn't know. For instance, the holiday was first celebrated in 1868 and it was only to honor the soldiers that died during the Civil War. The south didn't celebrate until it was to honor soldiers that died in any and all wars. I feel like I should add that the south did honor their lost soldiers - just on a different day! Memorial Day became a national holiday in 1971 and instead of keeping it on May 30th which is when it originated they decided to make it the last Monday of the month so that it would give a long weekend. Now they are saying that because of that people just use it as a long weekend, the beginning of Summer and have forgotten the meaning. I read some touching stories about the sacrifices soldiers have made and poems that brought tears to my eyes.

I discovered that even though I am 34 years old I never understood the true meaning of the holiday. The meaning that it would have to Moms and Dads and Wives and Husbands or to siblings and children. My class made little flag pins to pass out to those that lost a loved one to war and also to the veterans and active military. I explained that it takes a special person to sacrifice so much for their country. It takes a special family to sacrifice so much. I have several military friends and I see the sacrifices that they make. I know that I could not do it and it makes me appreciate them even more. I pray that God will keep our military safe and out of harms way. I pray that His will, will be done. I praise Him for making me more aware of the loss and meaning of this special holiday. I know that just that little pin given out by the next generation touched many hearts and brought tears to many people. I hope they know how much we appreciate what they are doing and/or have done. I hope they know we hate they lost someone to a war but at the same time we appreciate the ultimate sacrifice they made. Without them we would not have our freedoms!

There is a National moment of silence at 3:00. I hope that you will all just say a little prayer for the lost soldiers and include the soldiers that are fighting in this war! Even if you don't believe in the war believe in the soldiers! They don't chose to go they are sent!

Happy Memorial Day!!!

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  1. Hey there. I have been out of town and I'm just catching up on your blog. I love the history of the Memorial day. I went to a parade yesterday and it was something to see all the people there celebrating. Also, gotta say I love, LOVE, the pictures from WW this past week. So cute! AND, a super big thanks for the award!


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