Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday - Vacation Style

Tuesday was family day. We had Chris's Aunt and some of her crew come in to have lunch and spend the day with us. It was nice seeing family that we don't get to see often. It stressed Anna out a little having so many together but she did very well. She kept chasing her big cousin Edward around. Where ever he went she wanted to go. By the end of the visit she was also having her cousin (Edwards Mom) play dolls with her. Well push the baby around in the stroller anyway lol.
That same day Casey's friend Emily came to join in the festivities. She lives in Ohio but she use to work with Casey and they have stayed friends. I think that is kinda cool. So they have been to each others house and where we were was sorta half way so she met us there and spent Tuesday through Friday with us. She has 5 nieces so she is a pro with little girls. After our family had left Anna, Emily and I climbed into the hot tub. Anna was sold on Emily from that moment on. They splashed and played and carried on. It was fun. Anna loved the hot tub and the only way we could get her out was to promise a bath later in the big tub upstairs lol.

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