Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday - Home Style

No I am not still on vacation. Yes we had to leave the mountains. :(

Today I worked a lot and played a lot. I thought I would tell you about my day because well I think it was a great day lol. This morning Anna and I slept in until 8:00 AM that's right people EIGHT AM. She woke up because she heard her Daddy leave. She ran as fast as she could to be able to wave at him through the windows. Which is a tradition in this house. Today she didn't make it in time. She was crushed! We called him so she could tell him to "have good day!" and "See ou Later!". She loves her Daddy very much.

I started some laundry and we had breakfast. We hung the clothes on the line and had to rush to get ready for our play date with Brooks at the park. We were a little late because someone couldn't decide what to wear and NO it wasn't me thank you very much. I had to try 3 shirts before Anna would agree to wear one. We stayed at the park for about an hour and had a great time. Lori and I enjoyed catching up because we haven't seen each other in a while and Anna and Brooks had a blast. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. We left there ran to Big Lots because I forgot some things at the store like tooth paste and dish washing stuff. Nothing important you know. Then we were nice and stopped to get a sweet tea for Chris and had to take a book he had forgotten at home. Anna drank half of his tea but he appreciated it all the same.

We came home had lunch and tried to nap but was not very successful. After trying for a while I finally gave up. We went and got the clothes off the line put some more out. Went to the front and cleaned my car out and washed! (Yes Pop I did it and at this very moment Chris is vacuuming and armor all-ing it!) By the time we were done with that we went to the back to hang up some more clothes. Anna wasn't ready to come in just yet so we stayed. I was sitting in a chair relaxing for a moment. Anna climbed up in my lap and we started watching the clouds. I would say "hey do you think that looks like a dolphin?" She would say "oh YEAH" and so on and so on. Then planes started coming over a lot. It was probably 10 planes in an hour. So we discussed where they were going. Most of them were going shopping or to the beach lol. I guess those are her favorite things to do huh. It was just so great having her leaning back on me watching all of the stuff in the sky. It just felt oh so perfect! After a while of that she got ready to run around again so we did for a while. When it was close to time for Daddy to get home we went out front and drew on the sidewalk with chalk. She was very excited to see her Daddy. Did I mention that she loves him A LOT?

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