Friday, May 02, 2008

Sand Art

So the Sand Art Festival was today! It was very cool. I can't believe we had never heard about this before. You could find all sorts of things made out of sand. Below is just a hand full of them. There were probably close to 50 or so out there. It was nice to spend the day with Chris and Anna on the beach. What a way to kick off vacation!
Just in case you can't tell this was a couch and a tv.
A whale of course. They had there model right in front and I have to say they were dead on with it.
This was Aztec ruins or something of the sort. I just thought it looked pretty cool.
A sea turtle. They were going to use shells to make the markings on the back.
This is an octopus. I thought he was very cool!


  1. Those are nice indeed! :-) I like the Aztec model :-) though the other ones are cool too!


  2. I've seen pictures of those before and they totally fascinate me! How amazing are those! So cool to see them in real life, too!

  3. These are some incredible sculptures! Thanks for sharing.


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