Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Works for me Wednesday!

The other day we were taking Anna to see Sesame Street Live! We were picking her Daddy up at work and going from there. We got there in hopes he could leave a few minutes early. He couldn't get off as it turns out so I was left entertaining our darling little 2 year old for 15 minutes. Now I know that I could have gotten her out of the seat but then we would have had to argue with her to get her back in. I thought it would be much easier to just keep her in and happy. How did I do that you ask! I had my camera, of course! We simply sat in the back seat taking pictures of ourselves and individually. Each time she would look at the picture and we would decide if it was a keeper. This thrilled her to no end and was much better than getting out for just a few minutes. Next time you have a toddler impatiently waiting and a camera make it a game. See who can make the silliest faces or which one of you looks more goofy. You could even run through the different emotions. Do happy faces, sad faces etc. Your options are endless if you have a camera in hand. To see some of our favorite shots go HERE to see my Wordless Wednesday!

Disclaimer: Only try this with a child that is a total ham. May not work for camera shy children!
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  1. Great idea, I will have to try that. I almost always have a camera with me!


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