Thursday, May 29, 2008


It is funny how our little ones go through phases. You have the "shoulder slug" stage when they are new borns. All they do is rest on your shoulder, between eating and pooping that is. Then you have the "I want to learn everything I can" stage. This is when they are learning to sit up and crawl etc. Then you have the "I do it myself" stage. Of course this is the stage in life when they realize that most of the stuff that you have been doing for them can be done BY them. This is a very long stage or it was/is for me. Every stage has something wonderful about it and they all have something not so great about it. We are in a new phase now, we are reverting back to the shoulder slug, ok so not really lol. We are going to the "Mommy, hold me" phase. She wants to be attached to my hip at any given moment. Paticularly when I need to get something done lol. I am not sure exactly how this stage came about. Part of me likes it because I miss that baby part so much some days. Part of me hates it because I have gotten very comfortable with the fact that I can have 2 hands to do stuff even if they are diverted on occassion. I know that this phase will be short lived so I am just going to try to enjoy every moment of it, like I have with all of the others.

Tell me, what phase are you going through with your little one? What phase will I have coming up in the near future? If you don't have a little one yet which one do you think you will enjoy the most? or which one do you think you will like the least?


  1. I have the "me do it" phase from my 2 year old right now. I must admit it is sort of nice. My daughter NEVER went through it. Up until this past year I was still getting her dressed just cause it was easier than fighting with her.

  2. Ben is having a rough couple of days. So right now, it's a nothing-makes-me-happy phase. But normally, it's a loving, affectionate, curious, excited little boy who tags along. Anna? Oh man. She's in a don't-you-dare-put-me-down-ever phase. -- I'm not actually looking forward to potty training. But mostly, I'm not looking forward to the first day of high school. I'll be fine until then, I think. Don't grow up so fast!!!

  3. My little one is in the "let me down so I can get into everything" stage. He's 9 1/2 months and hates to be held onto for very long.

    I miss the days when he would lay his head on my shoulder and cuddle. He doesn't like that now unless he doesn't feel good or is very tired.


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