Friday, November 02, 2007

Renewing Friendships

I have somehow managed to lose touch with friends over the course of 2 years. Since Anna was born I just had my life revolving around her and let my friends slide. Even the friends that we still see on occasion aren't as close as we use to be. I have decided to change that. I realize after a lot of crap has happened in my life that you need friends. You need people in your life that you turn to and that you are there for. So to my friends (all of you) I am sorry I haven't been there for you as I should have been and I hope that we can renew our frienship. Yesterday, I took a step to renew one with a friend I use to work with. Her daughter had a baby and was in the hospital so Anna and I took them a little gift and visited for an hour or so. It was really nice. Except for the fact that I hadn't been there for her through some very difficult realities it felt like time had not passed. Now I have to live with the fact that I let my friend down and I have to move forward. I hope that we can start over and renew that friendship. Her daughter was always like a sister to me and we seemed to step right back into that. It was very nice. I hope her and her baby get to go home soon!

I like to think that other Moms have this same problem. Adjusting their life and their childs and not giving up their life. However, I think from what I have seen it seems so much easier for others. I hear about people that continue there life after having a baby as they did before and I wonder "How do they do that". My life revolves around Anna and I really don't want to change that I just want to include some of my life in hers. I want to introduce her to my friends have them play a substantial role in her life. After all it takes a village, right? I need balance! That is exactly what I need! Anyone have ideas on how to find balance?


  1. I think we all lose touch now and again. The true friends stick with you, forgive, forget, and move past those times you weren't there.
    I spend a lot of time on the phone and IM during the week to stay connected with my friends.

    I get envious of mommies who can go out for bi-weekly girls nights but at the same time I don't think "girl's night" fits into our family time right now. I am satisfied with internet and phone friendships for now.
    Good luck on rekindling some past friendships.

  2. I have no advice for balance. I think it's because I lean towards being a hermit. I hate being the person who feels like she is pulling teeth to stay in touch with someone (something that's happening right now). My best friend hasn't even come to see me since Anna was born. Ugh. Anyway. Does blogging and having internet friends count as balance?

  3. I think balance is the hardest mommy job. You want to put everything into your kids but keeping something back for yourself has to be a priority too. I suck at balance but this is becuase I fall into the trap that balance meaings doing it all. i don't think you will ever regret puttng time into your friends as you never now when you will need them or they will need you. Forgive yourself and work on building some bridges, I'm sure you will all be happy you did. Or make some new friends with kids the same age as yours. Thats what I hve and I couldn't live without them, they know exactly what I am going through without me having to explain!


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