Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday Musings

Yesterday I had a hard time paying attention in church. I don't know what my deal was but I really couldn't tell you one thing the preacher touched on. My mind would wonder off and I would try to pull myself back and then I was lost and it would wonder again. I guess it happens to us all at times. Last night I had choir practice we are getting ready for our Christmas program. I am doing a solo :P I will be singing the second verse of Away in a Manger. I am nervous about this considering I have not done a solo in ages! So I had a practice so that we could find the key for me and I did ok. Then I had nursery duty. It was just Anna and her friend Brooks. The lady I was with is in the Sunday School class I would be in if I weren't teaching. I am helping them with their part of the Christmas program scene. So we grabbed the preachers wife who happens to be the music lady and talked about what was what with everything. We got that all cleared up and then the other lady started talking about her divorce and subsequent counseling by a "Man of God". I won't go into any details because someone could read this that knows her and I don't want to go there. However I will tell you what the "man of God" told her that really threw me for a loop. He told her that because she filed for divorce (even though she didn't have an option) she didn't have the right to ever marry again. If she did she would be condemned to hell because she would be committing adultery every day of the rest of her life. This poor woman has struggled with this for the past 4 years and never even considered dating a man because she only wants to please God. Of course none of us KNOW how God feels about it. However, I feel that what that man said to her was awful and cruel almost as awful as what her husband did to her. In my limited education of what the Lord thinks and feels or wants from us I like to think that my God is a forgiving God, a loving God and a God that wants us to be happy and to thrive. If all of that is true why would he want this wonderful woman to be lonely and depressed for the rest of her life? Would he want to punish her because her husband turned into a creep?

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  1. That's so sad that she's stuck thinking that way. It must feel miserable.


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