Thursday, November 08, 2007

Potty Time

I feel like I should rename my blog to Potty Time. It seems to be all I can talk about lately. Well, lets face it, it is my life right now. I have spent about 80% of my time this week in the bathroom. I guess I shouldn't be complaining. It really is going great. We have had about 3 accidents since Monday. Tuesday we did have her in a diaper for the morning but the only other time she is wearing a diaper now is at night. The rest of the time she is running around bare bottomed or in her rubber panties. They are lovely lol. We have her Halloween pumpkin with her candy in the bathroom and after she goes potty she gets to pick out her treat. She loves that part and the part where Mommy goes nuts and dances around the bathroom too. I have about run out of ways to entertain her while we are waiting to see if she has to go pee pee. So far we have read tons of books, blown tons of bubbles, done a ton of songs and shadow puppets. I guess next we will bring out the coloring books.

We haven't pooped in the potty yet. I guess that will come a little later. Thanks for all of the prayers and well wishes! Please keep them coming that bathroom is making me feel a little claustrophobic these days lol.
OOOO guess what: Anna just jumped off the couch and said "come on, come on" and took off for the bathroom. Within a minute I heard the sweet sounds of her pee peeing in the potty. Maybe we are to a point where I don't have to go sit in the bathroom forever now! YAY ANNA MOMMY IS SO PROUD!!!

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