Monday, November 12, 2007

Potty Update:

So yesterday sucked. She did great in the morning. Didn't pee pee at church but held it until we got home. Then she pooped in her pants not once but twice! Then she peed in them while she napped and then again at church last night. I was feeling like we were going to be starting over but today she hasn't had any accidents yet. She tells me when she wants to go and any time she says it we go sit until she says she is done. If she pees YAY if not at least she is associating saying it with going to the potty. Well then we had a major break through while I was cooking. She said pee pee and I took her in there for about the 10th time in the past 15 minutes and I left her in there to go check lunch. I came back and she showed me her poop in the potty YAY!!! Isn't that awesome! She pooped in the potty WOO HOO!!! So that is our update isn't it just awesome. Maybe we can have this whole thing under control by Thanksgiving! Just maybe!


  1. That is so freaking awesome!

  2. That is great! I must admit, I am nervous about potty training.

  3. Oooh potty training!!! Ain't it a stinker! LOL Congrats on the poop in the potty though, that's a huge deal!! My son was about a month past 3 yrs old before he mastered it and he still has the occasional accident...but luckily he can put his wet clothes in the hamper and put on new ones so it's no biggie. :) So where in GA are you? I in the northeast section, about 1/2 hour from Athens (Go Dawgs!)


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